Friday, April 30th, 2010

Mobile Web UX: Beautiful Twitter Clients and more

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Twitter released an official Android application today that looks clean and to the point.

A mobile Web version of a Twitter client, Tweet Me was released on webOS, and I think it raises the bar. It is beautiful and a pleasure to use:

This is a segue into some posts that I have penned recently on the topic of Mobile UX. I recently discussed some rich examples of the notification system and how certain webOS apps use it in creative ways. I then cover some of the cool interactions from Tweet Me itself.

Before that, I talk about the Just Type metaphor, and the Ubiquity/QuickSilver-ness of the launcher itself.

This has been a good week for the mobile Web. A top featured iPad app is a PhoneGap web app, TItanium apps are getting through too, and I heard that a fairly large technology company made a laaaarge bet on the mobile Web.

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I’m just going to say it, TweetMe is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Twitter client out there. I mean really there is no comparison between TweetMe, Twee, Tweed, Bad Kitty, etc. TweetMe just blows my mind! PLUS this is only the FIRST release. If TweetMe is this amazing right now, can you just imagine what it will be like on the next version? I’m stoked.

Comment by hhaze — May 1, 2010

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