Thursday, August 4th, 2005

MochiKit 0.70 Released

Category: Toolkit

Bob Ippolito has released MockiKit 0.70:

New Features

This release includes a new example, a bunch of new features, a minor API change, and some bug fixes.

Spiffy new example: Ajax Tables, which is an extension of the Sortable Tables from Scratch example that loads data with XMLHttpRequest (in either JSON or XML format!).

Thanks to some help from Alex Russell, MochiKit is now packed by the custom Rhino interpreter from Dojo Toolkit (though I wouldn’t have needed help if it were documented ;). Despite the new features, packed/MochiKit/MochiKit.js is 33% smaller than the 0.60 release


  • New ajax_tables example, which shows off XMLHttpRequest, ajax, json, and
    a little TAL-ish DOM templating attribute language.
  • sendXMLHttpRequest and functions that use it (loadJSONDoc, etc.) no longer
    ignore requests with status == 0, which seems to happen for cached or local
  • Added sendXMLHttpRequest to MochiKit.Async.EXPORT, d’oh.
  • Changed scrapeText API to return a string by default. This is API-breaking!
    It was dumb to have the default return value be the form you almost never
    want. Sorry.
  • Added special form to swapDOM(dest, src). If src is null, dest is removed
    (where previously you’d likely get a DOM exception).
  • Added three new functions to MochiKit.Base for dealing with URL query
    strings: urlEncode, queryString, parseQueryString
  • MochiKit.DOM.createDOM will now use attr[k] = v for all browsers if the name
    starts with “on” (e.g. “onclick”). If v is a string, it will set it to
    new Function(v).
  • Another workaround for Internet “worst browser ever” Explorer’s setAttribute
    usage in MochiKit.DOM.createDOM (checked -> defaultChecked).
  • Added UL, OL, LI convenience createDOM aliases to MochiKit.DOM
  • Packing is now done by Dojo’s custom Rhino interpreter, so it’s much smaller

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:30 am
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