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Monthly Ajaxian Roundup for August, 2007: CSS frameworks and the reboot of top frameworks

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August is often a slow month. The summer is in full effect, which can lead to chill out time. It didn’t feel slow to me though, in fact, it has picked up a lot in the last few weeks. I have seen a noticeable increase in the number of submissions that we receive, and interesting news that comes down the pipe. This leads me to believe that we are going to have a great fall and winter.

But, back to August, and the trends that we have seen. Web developers are frustrated with the lack of practical innovation that they can use wrt CSS. We have rich JavaScript libraries that make JavaScript and Ajax easier to do from the JS side of things. We have the promise of faster JS runtimes with the like of Tamarin and maybe the DLR. HTML 5 made a splash and there is a hope that some of its goodness reaches into the real world. What about CSS? We are starting to see more frameworks come along to join the likes of YUI’s CSS work. It appears that once again Web developers are making the most of what they are given, and innovation on top. As we see how we can do this, I expect that we will continue to see new approaches to CSS. Layouts are painful, and tools and frameworks should be able to help us out more than they do now.

There were some significant reboots for some of the big guys. Prototype 1.6 is a great overhaul, with great stuff to come. Dojo’s 0.9 release marks its new future, which offers a lean base with a fantastic extension, and widget story. GWT 1.4 marks a “un-beta” release with a killer compiler and compelling features.

This is the tip of the iceberg. The iPhone keeps trucking. More applications are coming offline, and we are still learning a lot of interesting stuff about JavaScript.

I can’t wait to see what pops up in the coming months. Please let the community know, and join us in Boston. Here is the roundup!




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Hi! I cannot access the links when I am reading via RSS, could you please fix that ? That’s not the first post it happened =) keep up the best site about Ajax over the Internet

Comment by Pac — September 4, 2007

Why are there no MooTools links? It’s a cool Framework, too!

Comment by Jens — September 5, 2007

Actually Mootools is my favourite which i think you’re kind of hidding it! :(

Comment by Yousef S. — September 20, 2007

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