Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Monthly Ajaxian Roundup for June, 2007: Airing out the Gears

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High Level / Big News

June has been a busy month, and the focus has been around the release of Google Gears, and the Apple iPhone. Both have shaken up the market showing the the future for Ajax is bright and expanding. It is reaching to the desktop, and the phone.

Offline: Gears and AIR

Shortly after Gears was released we saw a flurry of activity that consisted of apps being ported to work offline and libraries being extended to support offline use:

Adobe renamed Apollo to AIR and continues to stay in the news:

Mobile / iPhone

The hype around the iPhone is almost unprecedented. We have tried to keep from joining in, but there has been a lot of interesting work done around Ajax support, and the iPhone is pushing the bounds on Mobile Ajax, just by getting users online. The users will demand more, and vendors will have to step up. We will then have to deliver the applications that they deserve. In the US there isn’t the luxury of a top notch network, so we need to deliver it in a smart way too.

Browsers and Standards

With Safari for Windows being announced there has been a lot of talk around browsers. We also got some good news with significant IE memory leaks being fixed.

Ajax Libraries

General JavaScript



The FancyUpload with MooTools component is yet another attempt to help with browser based uploads.


Ext is growing from strength to strength. The team announced Ext 1.1 Beta + Feed Reader 3 Demo, thoughts on 2.0 alpha, a new Ext Accordion Control, and IDE support via Spket IDE: Ext Support. I think July will be an even bigger month.




Some high profile sites and apps have gotten an upgrade such as Apple, CNN, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets Updated.

We also saw useful tools such as an Entity Lookup that helps.

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