Monday, May 21st, 2007

Moo Image Gallery

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Asad Sheth has created an image gallery in 182 lines of code that work with Prototype and Moo.fx.

Moo Image Gallery

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:32 am

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wow, that’s slow. :-/

Comment by Dominik Hahn — May 21, 2007

Very nicely done.

But I don’t like the that functions and options variables aren’t encapsulated in an object using prototype’s Class.create().

And I bet the code base could be even smaller if the author was taking advantage of prototypes shortcuts/convenience functions.

Still, nice done ;-)

Comment by Kim Biesbjerg — May 21, 2007

Awesome! That is useful but… All the images must be either portrait or landscape for something like this to be correctly displayed.

Comment by Impe — May 21, 2007

Not that I want to be negative about this, but what is the edge about this article? What makes it news worthy?

I love you Ajaxian, but this time you kinda let me down. When I saw “Moo image gallery” in the title, I was definitely expecting some super slim, stylish, smooth gallery with compact code and lovely Mootools.

Comment by Hans Duedal — May 21, 2007

Looks good, but as mentioned above, it runs a little slow.

Comment by RD — May 21, 2007

Good script. Nice work.
Im a fun of firefox, but this scripts shows the disadvantages of firefox (or exactly javascirpt in this browser).
On firefox it is very slow like Dominik said.
But when i run this gallery on IE7 its much faster.

And this is not first time that i realised that js effects in firefox are slower then in IE7

Comment by herman — May 21, 2007

/me is missing the interesting news too

Mh, global vars, not wrapped in a class. Like Kim said, if he would use more mootools … aehm prototype methods the code would be even smaller.

Comment by digitarald — May 21, 2007

Seems to run pretty quick in FF for me… looks great too.

Comment by Will — May 21, 2007

thanks for the comments, guys. my apologies for not coding up to spec, but it wasn’t really meant for fine-tooth inspection like this. as i said, i threw it all together in a couple of hours because i needed something quick.

having said that, i’ll take what y’all have said into account, and i’ll have another version up soon that’s properly done and much more flexible and customizable.


Comment by asad — May 21, 2007

I’m missing the news too :-/
Slow as hell and full of memory leaks…

Comment by Jonathan — May 21, 2007

WOW Jonathan,
I don’t think the gallery is as as slow as the time your website takes to load ( :) , talk about slow on the web…

As far as the gallery goes, nicely done to be something that was coded fast.

Comment by Paul — May 21, 2007

Don’t work on konqueror

Comment by sooli — May 22, 2007

Nice gallery, not slow at all here. What a bunch of whiners.

Comment by Crow — May 22, 2007

Hi Guys,

Whilst it isn’t wrapped in a class correctly, and uses global vars, it is a nice little script, especially when you consider how quickly it was put together.
I think it is important to post scripts like this to Ajaxian, as it shows how people are using libraries, and brings out new ideas and concepts :o)

Comment by yoink — May 29, 2007

I’m trying to set up the gallery and get “image list load failed”.. May also mention I am running iis 5.1. Any advice?

Comment by new1 — February 10, 2008

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