Monday, March 17th, 2008

Moo Snippely – Manage Your Code Snippets Locally

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We all have bits of reusable code that we store in some fashion. These snippets prove to be invaluable at helping to not “reinvent the wheel” so storing them in a safe and convenient place is important.

The MooTools team wants to make it easy for you to store your snippets easily through the use of their new Adobe AIR application, Snippely. Using the MooTools JavaScript library and the AIR SDK, Valerio Proietti and Tom Occhino created a desktop application that allows easy storage of both code snippets and notes about the code.

When we were thinking about what type of application to make our AIR playground, we tried to think of something that we’d want to use ourselves. Valerio and I are notorious for storing countless bits of code in all sorts of different languages all over our hard drives, and thought it would be nice if we had a central place to store and organize those bits of code. We came up with the idea of ‘snippets’, and an application called Snippely.

The nice thing about this is that they’ve designed Snippely so that you can organize snippets by groups and that a snippet entry can consist of multiple snips or notes.

Finally, those looking to get into AIR development will certainly benefit from the fact that the Moo team has released the app as an open source project under an MIT license. The code for Snippely is hosted on Google Code and is available for you to review.

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Sweet! I love the MooTools guys and this is just another fun bonus. Right on!

Comment by jdempcy — May 7, 2008

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