Friday, February 10th, 2006

Moo.fx version 1.2

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Moo.fx, the tiny Ajax library, has a new release.

There are just a few changes (as befits Moo) such as:

moo.fx changelog:

  • I’ve moved the animation logic, now you can use custom transitions (found in the bottom of both moo.fx and moo.fx.pack).
  • Opacity effect has been modified, works better in safari and now you can call the setOpacity method to sudden set the opacity (crossbrowser) without displaying the effect.

moo.fx.pack changelog:

  • No more fx.FadeSize. use the new fx.Combo, supports any combination between height, width and opacity.
  • No more fx.Multi. Use the new fx.Accordion, to generate accordions in 1 line of code!!
  • No more parseClassNames (it was lame)

The main change is that there is documentation!

Moo.fx 1.2

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:33 am

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I emailed Valerio (the Moo.FX guy) and got a reply just recently about a bug that I found which was related to our Lightbox mod at alwaysBETA. He confirmed that there is indeed a small bug with the new opacity effect and that they’ll have a new version out soon.

Basically, what happend is that the opacity effect used to (in 1.0.X versions) set the visibility of the element to hidden whenever the opacity had reached 0 percent. This was actually originally added to make opera work (since it doesn’t support opacity), but when he made the code apply specifically to opera in the new release, it inadvertantly broke applications like our modified Lightbox that depend on the element with opacity fading to transparent and then becoming hidden. Without hiding, it is transparent but can’t be clicked through, which appears to break all of the links on the page, making everything unclickable. Interesting stuff.
Don’t let this turn you off though. Moo.FX is a really phenomenal effects library. It is really small, simple, flexible, and gets the job done. I highly recommend it!

Comment by Sean McBride — February 11, 2006

Moo.fx is the sweetest library!

I use it on almost all of my projects. It’s good because it’s simple and stops me from going overboard with all sorts of weirdo transitions.

Great stuff!

Comment by ian — February 12, 2006

[…] moo.fx, a itty-bitty browser fx lib […]

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