Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Mooglets: More web widgets

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First Moo.fx, now Mooglets. These puppies were just announced and look very much like Apple’s dashboard widgets.

Why are people so obsessed with -lets? :)

Here is some documentation on the API


Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:09 pm

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Doesnt support IE; this is useless

Comment by Mario — August 25, 2006

IE is useless

Comment by xxx — August 25, 2006

I agree with Mario, it’s completely useless, and anyone that considers using this tools is mad, as you’ll instantly lose the majority of anyone coming to your site, and what good is that?

don’t try and lead some kind of revolution, claiming that firefox is the only way to go and you have to use this browser, we had enough of that stupidity with IE only pages.

yes firefox is better, but let people find it naturally themselves, no-one likes to be forced to do anything.

we’re trying to move the web forward, so don’t drag us back to the dark times

Comment by Sam Benskin — August 25, 2006

It doesn’t work in Omniweb also. It barely works in Safari. I guess it only really works in FireFox.

I wish that there was a browser that worked as well as FireFox, looked as good as Safari, and had the features of Omniweb. That would be the perfect browser. Too bad it will never happen and I’ll have to use three different browsers.

Omnigroup should of used the Mozilla rendering engine dangit.

Comment by Phill Kenoyer — August 25, 2006

Let’s appreaciate the work they have done. It might turn out to be not-so-cool product, but they may actually initiate a better work done by others. I believe they have their own difficulty, their mooflex cannot really make an ass. For rehearsing they did it. And seems this is only a side job activity. Give them little bit time man, sure bugs can be fixed!

Comment by Andy Rutledge — August 26, 2006

This is lame … mooglets is like cross between AJAX OS and widgets. Combining them both doesn’t add any additional functionality which AJAX OS or general widgets already have. Never the less, very sexy gui.

I think what is needed is a standard widget object concept, so developers can write code once and could output widgets for many engines like yahoo, widgetbox or even mooglets.

Comment by Tahir — September 6, 2006

Ajax platform has helped put news with widgets like urbanread.

Comment by Adam — April 7, 2007

haha no I’m not flirting with you!

Comment by Flirt — May 11, 2007

Check out this site and the way they’ve implemented the website tool (javascript) without the use of ajax. btw the widget helps you find relevant English Wikipedia articles that have similar content to a blog, news article, or an entire web page.

Comment by teki xhunga — July 21, 2007

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