Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

moo.rd 1.3 released

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The moo.rd team has released version 1.3.1 of the moo.rd extension and seems to be almost a rewrite, nowbased on MooTools 1.2 so it uses the new MooTools syntax and logic.

The team told us about the release:

This release features new components like the Cycle Effects and Cycles Effects which allows to create powerful slide shows based on a particular transition that an user can create or pick out from the default collection (contains about 25).

In addiction we’ll found the Glider Class for creating professional slide shows entirely customizable, the Kwick.Menu Class for creating kwick menus, the Kwick.All Class to apply the kwick to each property, the new powerful Fx Effects (now subdivided by “type”), new Native functions, the new Customs which allow to “customize” the browser’s behaviours: so we have the custom alert, custom confirm, custom prompt, custom searches and many more.

Finally the new, super powerful Virtual Boxes: the Virtual.Box for creating professional modal image presentations, the Virtual.Ajax for creating modal contents loaded from the server, the Virtual.HTML for creating modal boxes with static content and the respective “single” versions.

In addiction, one important feature can be found in the Download Builder: now the users can include MooTools (full version or needed version) and moo.rd into one script!

Moo.rd 1.3.1

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Do they realize “moord” means “murder” in Dutch?

Comment by Anonymous — May 20, 2008

@Anonymous: My first thought.

Comment by Andy — May 20, 2008

you’re Dutch, but we speak Italian: moo.rd is simply moo + r(iccardo)d(egni).

Comment by moordteam — May 20, 2008

Great examples!
I’m excited!

Comment by Snowcoredotnet — May 20, 2008

addiction = addition
This totally threw me off ;-)

Comment by diilbert — May 20, 2008

That would make “moordteam” a “murderteam”, mixing javascript and capitcal crime is funny :)

Keep up the good work though.

Comment by Anonymous — May 20, 2008

Interestingly, UIZE has provided a Uize.Cycle automater for quite some times, and widgets like Uize.Widget.Swap.Image.Cycle that use it. It’s interesting to see different developers converging on similar semantics.

As for transitions for slideshows, check out http://uize.com/examples/image-wipe.html and click on the transition effects on the right.

Comment by uize — May 20, 2008

Stop with this question guys, do start talking of code. I think this library is a great library, which adds to mootools some important and cool features.

I personally like so much these new modal boxes explained into the demos and the most of the Fx’s. The cycles are so cool too…

Comment by DavidLake — May 20, 2008

*lol* uize starts some marketing campaign here at ajaxian. Maybe you’ll get more visitors with some crime in your framework’s name ;) .

Comment by Harald — May 21, 2008

Indeed. I think “roofoverval” is not a framework yet ;-)

Comment by Hermanussen — May 21, 2008

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