Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

MooTools 1.1 Released

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MooTools version 1.1 has been released with “with crazy optimizations for speed, compatibility, flexibility, and all around greatness.”

New Features

  • Custom Events: A brand-new API to define custom events. The events ‘mouseenter’, and ‘mouseleave’, and ‘domready’ have been added as custom events.
  • Enhanced Element(): New methods, and enhancements such as an improved way to add HTML, such as:

    1. var note = new Element('div', {
    2.         'id': 'note',
    3.         'class': 'note',
    4.         'styles': {
    5.                 'left': 15,
    6.                 'top': 15
    7.         },
    8.         'events': {
    9.                 'click': noteConfirm,
    10.                 'mouseover': noteShowMore
    11.         }
    12. });
  • Element Filters: $(‘myElement’).getChildren().filterByClass(‘myClass’);
  • Perfecting Ajax: Ajax::cancel allows running requests to be aborted, Ajax::evalScripts has been enhanced to include global eval and automated evaluation of responses with a JavaScript Content-Type
  • Hash.Cookie is an extended Hash Class that can automatically and manually save and load Hash values using JSON in a Cookie.
  • Generics have been added for native prototypes, Element, and Elements.
  • Advanced Garbage Collection: $(‘content’).empty().setHTML(newText);

For more information check out:

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I’ve been working with mootools 1.1 for some time now (the svn branch at least) and the new Element() syntax is absolutely rocking. You can just chain about *everything* now that you want and you can write the really slick one-liners you’ve always wanted.

Also the mouseenter and mouseleave functions are very helpful (no more messing with window.event) and they’ve finally fixed the drag&drop bugs!

Mooooo 4 the win!

Comment by SchizoDuckie — May 8, 2007

This is the best/fastest/simplest DHTML/AJAX library is existance today. Very well done.

Comment by Rory — May 8, 2007

Long live the moo! Mootools brought back the joy to javascript coding. No need to code around browser quirks, you just code what you really need and it works in all browsers. The “crazy optimized” source is beautiful, thats how a framework should be: fast, extendable, cross-browser and with a readable source.
Mootools provides the coffee, you can add sugar and milk :-D

Comment by digitarald — May 8, 2007

whoot. Moo is, by far, the most elegant JS library out there. We use it extensively on http://utropicmedia.net.

Comment by Karl — May 8, 2007

Awesome lib for beginners and experts. The documentation and demos are good pleasantly abundant. :)

Comment by Alex93053 — May 8, 2007

Several months ago I had been pulling my hair out trying to work around browser problems. After discovering MooTools, my productivity has jumped 300%, and it has allowed me to become more result-driven. Thanks MooTools.

Comment by Morgan K. Laslow — May 8, 2007

What Mootools needs is support from ext (or maybe Mootools could help Jack and themselves a bit).

Right now ext supports:
– Yahoo UI!,
– jQuery and
– Prototype/Scriptaculous

Comment by bungle — May 8, 2007

bungle: People already working on that … http://www.joomlicious.com/ext-mootools-adapter/

Comment by digitarald — May 8, 2007

WHile this post is about Mootools, I’m glad to find to find out joomlicious from digitarald. That was really excellent.

Comment by Kevin Hoang Le — May 8, 2007

Kevin Hoang Le is my hero. Long live the spammers!

Comment by Dan — May 8, 2007

….Enhanced Element()….

Comment by Azer Koçulu — May 8, 2007

Sorry about spamming that was not my intention. I just think that it’s unfortunate that Mootools does not yet have support for Ext. Thank you, digitalrald, for the information. Many developers, like me are not looking for absolutely “best” framework. In best I mean design, consistency, purism etc. I’m looking for some utilities to my toolbox that just plain do what I want. I like a lot what Ext provides, but I also like Mootools. I think that Mootools + Ext would be a winning combo. All the good for Mootools and joomlicious! :-)

Comment by bungle — May 8, 2007

I thought Mootools couldn’t get any better, and then this. Fantastic. Great work guys – you’ve made javascript sexy again!

Comment by johno — May 8, 2007

I’m using the mootools suite on ubuntu.com. Not for its special effects (but that is why I started using it), but because it has extremely simple ajax/json support. It frustrates me that some tools make json so difficult. Also its small size (compressed).

Hey, I noticed that Microsoft is using mootools too on their “expression” website at http://www.microsoft.com/expression/

/me stops sounding like a fanboy now :-)

Comment by Matt Nuzum — May 8, 2007

@johno – i think you have a new slogan for them! anyone know cute women that would model the t-shirts?? ;)

Comment by Karl — May 8, 2007

Hash.Cookie… ROTFL

Comment by Mike Ritchie — May 8, 2007

@Mike Ritchie:
LOL. I thought that was a joke too!

Comment by Jordan — May 9, 2007

Good news! MooTools is a pleasure to work with! Can’t wait to give 1.1 a try! (ok ok I admit it, I already played with the SVN version…;) Congrats on the release! Definitely an awesome framework (my favorite anyway! :)

Comment by SilverTab — May 9, 2007

The Hash.Cookie thing was inspired by CookieJar posted here on ajaxian:

Comment by Aaron Newton — May 9, 2007

Anyone tested that stupid (coorporate) web filters will not block Hash.Cookied web pages? :-)

Comment by Martin — May 9, 2007
Comment by Michael McCorry — May 10, 2007

I wrote an article on using the Hash.Cookie class in MooTools. (obligatory pot joke goes here).

Check it out: http://www.thetruetribe.com/2008/05/using-mootools-hashcookie-api.html

Comment by jdempcy — May 8, 2008

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