Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

MooTools 1.2 beta 1

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The MooTools team has just released MooTools 1.2 beta 1 for public review. Some new items include:

The list of changes is WAY too long for this post so be sure to head on over to the MooTools blog for the full details.

Posted by Rey Bango at 10:20 am

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Congrats to the moo dev team! If you look at the code, you’ll realize this is a complete re-write of almost the entire library.

Comment by Marat Denenberg — November 14, 2007

“The list of changes is WAY too long for this post”
You see, you see?!? Ajaxian is downplaying Mootools again!!! There’s way much more tools available and they completely ignore the facts!

Ahum… sorry about that ;-)

Comment by Marc — November 14, 2007

If you like to know all the awesome features don’t read it in ajaxian, review the full blog post.

Comment by frenadoll — November 14, 2007

Impressive. I just had to check this out even though I’m more comfortable with other frameworks. There is great amount of usefull stuff in this release, really pushing it compared to other frameworks. Besides that I also think a lot can be learned from the way Mootools provides compontent based download with compression, just awesome. Great work!

Comment by Nick — November 14, 2007

@Marc: Gimme a break. You guys gripe if we don’t post about MooTools and you gripe if we do. They did a much better job of outlining their changes so why am I going to duplicate that? Go to their blog and read it there. Geez.

@frenadoll: Thanks for the comment. What you said is exactly how people should be interpreting postings.

Comment by Rey Bango — November 14, 2007

I believe Marc was being sarcastic, guys…

Comment by Max Steenbergen — November 14, 2007

@Max: hmmmm. Ok. Perhaps I jumped the gun.

Comment by Rey Bango — November 14, 2007

great changes as I said on the Moo blog. Let’s hope I have some free time in the close future to keep your posting hands busy Rey ;)

Comment by gonchuki — November 14, 2007

@gonchuki: Te espero un articulo bien pronto! :D
Translation: I’ll be expecting a posting very soon.

Comment by Rey Bango — November 14, 2007

Congrats MooTools. I’m using mootools very often, and i like it a lot! It has many scripts made by users and it has a good documentation.

I’m looking forward to use the new version at my next project!

Comment by Arian — November 14, 2007

@Rey: Español, ftw. Viva la rasa!

P.S. Better said as: “Espero un articulo muy pronto! :D” :P

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — November 14, 2007

Thank you Max ;-)

Comment by Marc — November 14, 2007

A great day, now I have a reason to finally convert/release all my scripts.

Viva mootools, el acordeón sagrado y el javascript mas consistente y deprisa del mundo ;-)

Comment by Harald — November 14, 2007

@Olmo: LOL! I didn’t know you spoke Spanish! It’s the Cuban in me. We always mash things up differently ;)
@Harald: You too?!? LOL!

Comment by Rey Bango — November 14, 2007

Buenas tardes amigos, JavaScript por vida! He querido traducir mi website en español, pero no conocía la técnica de las palabras. Como se dice “frontend web developer”?
Also, congrats to the Mootools crew, the rewrite and improved consistency in naming and methods are making your framework more and more attractive — I’m still with jQuery but maybe we could date.

Comment by Charles — November 14, 2007

@Rey, Harald, Charles: good to know that you know how to use google translate :P

btw, I usually write mootools stuff on my free time (and at my previous job I worked with moo more than a year), but little of that made it to my blog… drop by there from time to time as with 1.2 on the door my motivation will surely increase ten-fold ;)

Comment by gonchuki — November 14, 2007

*obnoxious post asking why [INSERT ANY OTHER FRAMEWORK/TOOLKIT HERE] isn’t mentioned in this thread!?!?!?!?!? This is rigged!!*

(ahh sweet revenge)

Comment by Gavin — November 14, 2007

Using mootools everyday at work, will continue, thanks to the dev.

Comment by Samori Gorse — November 14, 2007

@gonchuki: No Google translate needed on my end my man. I speakee. ;)

Comment by Rey Bango — November 14, 2007

Congratulations to the Moo dev team. I use MooTools at work and on my blog and the short amount of code needed to perform advanced tasks is mind-boggling. Great job Valerio, Harald, Tom, and crew.

Comment by David Walsh — November 14, 2007

I think mootools is the best JS library out there.
only thing i find lacking is community support. their forum is really not helpful in anyway, full of people that like to point out poeple with less JS skills.
this is the thing (in my opinion) that causes mootools to be less popular.
think about that.

Comment by guy — November 15, 2007

@Gavin: why would the mootools fanbois be mentioning another framework ;)

Comment by Viktor Kojouharov — November 15, 2007

He hablado español hasta tenía doce años, pero está mi segunda lingua. He usado la más en el sur de Texas, y ahora tengo ‘bad habits’. No puedo esperar a visitar a España en la primavera!

Comment by Charles — November 15, 2007

Mootools is definitely the best and I would use it if it wasn’t for the complete lack of support. The support forums are filled with pricks. The environment there is definitely not conducive to newbies. A little humility would go a long way.

Comment by mark maguire — November 16, 2007

Grats to the Mootools team on the beta release. Love the Fx enhancements (and renaming ;-).

Comment by Andy Kant — November 16, 2007

cool lib, using each new project.

Comment by (v) — November 17, 2007

I like Mootools and used it before but I’d rather to use jQuery these days, it’s really awesome!

Comment by Web Design NY — November 17, 2007

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