Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

MooTools for the Rest of Us

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Beauty in Design just released a tutorial screencast that goes over how to use various Mootools effects.

The tutorial is called MooTools for the Rest of Us and it walks through using Mootools on the Joomla platform, another Web OS.

The work is split up into:

Mootools Joomla

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:56 am

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Well, Joomla! isn’t really a Web OS but rather a CMS with a “OS-like”-template used for this example.

Comment by okay! — December 13, 2006

Yay! One of my javascript examples made it into a tutorial! (see lesson three)

Comment by Chris Esler — December 13, 2006

Right… Joomla is an open source, widely used PHP content management system drived from Mambo. It has nothing in common with “Web OS”es, but rather could be used as a platform for building one. Joomla has built-in support for most of the prototype-based Ajax libraries, including Moo.
For info on Joomla see the Joomla home page. I’ve been looking at Joomla as a possible replacement for WordPress, and have been shocked to discover what a huge universe of products are available for the platform.

This looks like a pretty cool tutorial for MooTools!

Comment by Leland Scott — December 13, 2006

Yes Joomla is awesome! Very flexible if you are a developer. I use Joomla for everything I do now. The only downside is it outputs some of it’s code in tables.

1.5 will implement more ajax calls in the backend too, which is nice. I wish they would do it more like the mootools guy have their beta CMS.

I also wish someone would the take the template idea I created (JoomlaOS template) and really use Joomla to make an OS with it. It can be done!

Comment by Rick B — December 13, 2006

Hmm… One of the greatest js libs used with crappy ideas like a pseudo web os based built on a CMS… :-/

Comment by Jonathan Schemoul — December 14, 2006

I have plenty of moo related scripts on my joomla site

There is an ajax commenting system, accordion module positions, slimbox for thumbnails and even a live search using mootools

Comment by vibez — December 14, 2006

This is great thanks :)

Comment by Jason — January 11, 2007

Great work done by their developer.

Comment by Kumar — May 2, 2007

The link to the 5th lesson in the post is wrong, it should be,true|type,flv|path,|width,768|height,576

Comment by psycho — July 26, 2007

Thank You very much!!!

Your tutorials are the best!!

Comment by Vertica Quill DRO — September 1, 2007

Thank u very much

Comment by idm — April 15, 2008

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