Friday, December 11th, 2009

MooTools Gets a Plugin Repo, Makes Finding the Right Code Easier

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Plugins are a fact of life when it comes to JavaScript libraries. These user-contributed code snippets provide tremendous features & functionality and save developers time by not having to re-invent the wheel. The hard part, though, is trying to filter out which ones are actually useful and compatible with your current library. Finding the right plugin can at times be a crap shoot. The MooTools team is trying to solve this issue for their community. Yesterday, the MooTools team launched the official MooTools plugin repository called MooTools Forge which aims to simplify finding the right MooTools plugin for your project.

For people trying to find plugins, we wanted a simple interface with visual focus on what’s available. Going through lists of plugins whose names are not always that intuitive or descriptive is both boring and inefficient. You might find yourself opening dozens of tabs just to see what the plugin can potentially offer. We want to try and put all the information you need to make a choice right in one place.

Focus has been given to making it easy see a demo, download plugins, and understanding how plugins actually work along with integration with GitHub to allow developers to easily manage their code.


Check out the video below for an overview of the MooTools Forge:

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I’ve been SO waiting for this! A widget/plug-in library “gathering point” was something that the Mootools community was missing – but no more! It will be awhile before the catalog of projects fills out a bit more but that’s to be expected. VERY NICE JOB!

Comment by Malic — December 11, 2009

Awesome job Guillermo, you rocked the sh*t out of it!

For those who thought/judged libraries as “not having plug-ins” because they lacked a repo on their sites: That is most likely just a factor of script-kitty laziness. Psst! Here is a little known secret: All JS libs have an amazing plug-in search tool called “Google” – that’s with a G mind you. With this amazing “Google”, plug-ins can be found by entering simple strings, such as “lightbox” or “autocompleter”, into an input, then as if by some arcane and unseen force, relevant results seem to appear instantly…

That said, the forge is a great accomplishment and makes the experience of finding plug-ins that much easier.

Comment by csuwldcat — December 11, 2009

It’s been a long time coming!

Comment by MattCoz — December 11, 2009

The Forge’s auto assessed dependency packaging IS, in fact, sexy as hell.

Comment by csuwldcat — December 11, 2009

Hopefully from now on the Mootools guys can keep us abreast of updates to such awesomeness. But, that’s understandable when you seek perfection :) (Check their git repository. Some commits are for simple whitespace adjustments)

Great job guys, and can’t wait to add some plugins!

Comment by Liquidrums — December 11, 2009

Looks great

Comment by jarvez — December 14, 2009

look great
mootools rock…..

Comment by Tribulus — January 14, 2010

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