Monday, November 27th, 2006

Mootools Primer

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Aaron Newton has posted a Mootools Primer / Tutorial that includes “a how-to tutorial on the Mootools library. Most of the code examples will allow you execute them by clicking on the “execute this code” link above the example. Clicking this will echo out the code and the result in the Firebug debugging plugin for Firefox. You’ll need that plugin installed to see any results of most of the code examples.”

Currently the tabbed widget shows documentation for the core Moo.js, extensions of JavaScript objects and helpers, Addon libraries, and plugins.

It behaves a little weird for me with FF2 + Firebug 1.beta, but I can get to the meat of the matter.

Mootools Primer

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:58 am

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Sweet! I plan on using their library for my next project and this will certainly be better than looking at the library itself. Though I would still strongly encourage some degree of research into the classes and functions you’re going to use the most.

Comment by Andrew Herron — November 27, 2006

you have firebug 1b?? how did you get that? /I/ want that! I’ve subscribed to the official blog for it, while waiting for it to become available, and check it by hand every day in case my RSS reader is broken.

Comment by Kae Verens — November 27, 2006

If by “you” you mean me, I don’t have firebug 1 yet. If you saw my post on it on clientside, you’ll note that the first sentence mentions how bad I want it…

Comment by Aaron Newton — November 28, 2006

Mootools is definately a great product. However, keep in mind that the support they offer through their forums is moderated in a somewhat strange way and may offer no help at all.

Posted messages need to comply with a set of rules, and javascript beginners are not welcome. Posts will be deleted without warning or explanation when not conform the rules which is fair enough but at times it seems posts are removed for no obvious reason at all.

Comment by Mike — November 28, 2006

Great tutorial! … but Firefox (2.0) on the Mac is having problems rendering the page. I get a lot of unwanted scrollbars appearing within the page itself.

Comment by Mark B — November 30, 2006

[…] Thanks to I just found this link to a nice tutorial / example page that displays the power of Mootools, a javascript library. AJAX lovers should like this… […]

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