Monday, September 11th, 2006

MooTools Released

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The Mad4Milk team (the minds that brought the world moo.fx) have unleashed a brand new, very impressive Javascript library out onto the web – MooTools.

mootools is a very compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework. Its unique design makes it extremely crossbrowser, easy to use, and a snap to extend with your own code. It comes with a choice of more than fifteen scripts, plugins and addons, including Effects (moo.fx) Ajax (moo.ajax), Dom Navigator (moo.dom), Drag and Drop, Sortable lists, cookies Manager and many more.

There aren’t any demos of the functionality quite yet (as of the date of this post), but you can download the first release of thise powerful little tool.

You can also check out what Jonathan Snook has to say about it, having already downloaded and worked with it a bit. He’s also created a simple tutorial on using the new library to create a drag-and-drop example.

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props to the m4m crew – they have some great, concise code.

Comment by Karl Moz — September 11, 2006

I’ll certainly be looking to use this library on my next project. I love the style of code and I also love that it leaves the “nitty-gritty” to the developer. It gets rid of the tedious things we hate, but still affords the control we love.

Two thumbs up in my book, at least until I start to try and implement it.

Comment by Andrew Herron — September 11, 2006

I’ve tried a couple of things out and I have to say I’m very impressed. Very good job!

Comment by Jero — September 11, 2006

MooTools – The Start of Something Good

I’ve long been a fan of the moo.fx library created by the great minds over at mad4milk. It’s much better than scriptaculous when you only need to accomplish minor effects, and it depends on prototype, so it integrates cleanly with all of m…

Trackback by Gen-X-Design | Ian Selby — September 11, 2006

Die erste MOOTOOLS Demo

Valerio Proietti hat sich mit der Veröffentlich seiner MOOTOOLS so verausgabt, daß es leider noch nicht für, die so wichtigen, Demos gereicht hat. Diesem Missstand hat sich gestern Jonathan Snook angenommen. In dem zugehörigen Blogpost erklärt er nic

Trackback by web output — September 12, 2006

Gread job indeed.

Comment by RStankov — September 12, 2006

Been a moo.fx fan for long, this is a welcome addition.

Comment by ngcoders — September 12, 2006

\o/ yeahhhh I really really love the work of this guys =]

Comment by Luiz Júnior Fernandes — September 13, 2006

I also have decided to add my two cents, by editing the script to use css classes instead of opacity in the js.

//this.el.setOpacity(.5); // snook
this.el.addClassName('dragged'); // wnas

Check out the post at my site, for the full details.
As some know, I am kinda fanatic about accesibility and unobtrusive javascript stuff. So from there comes my ‘improvement’ on snook, not to say anything bad about his great tutorial…

Comment by wilfred nas — September 16, 2006

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