Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

More handy Prototype documentation

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There are some more docs written recently on Prototype, so now there is no excuse for writing the xhr wrapper again or for dealing with dom manipulation all by hand.

Get up to speed quick with this nice tutorial written by Ryan Campbell over on Particle Tree. He covers:

  • the $() function and $F() form helper function
  • getElementsByClassName
  • the Element object
  • Try.these
  • the Ajax object and the PeriodicalExecuter object for remote calls

24 Ways has Easy Ajax with Prototype, which is focused only on the Ajax.Updater object.

There is also the Overview of the Prototype Library, which takes a more straight forward approach by outlining the core objects.

And don’t forget the developer notes put together by Sergio Pereira that we originally posted back in August.

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Exxceleeent, thanks so much for this post! prototype docs are hard to find on the search engines, kudos!

Comment by Edward — December 6, 2005

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