Friday, May 18th, 2007

More Tetris

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You can never have enough Tetris on a Friday.

Sergey Popov created this version. Play away.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:08 am

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Tetris in js? Isn’t better to use Flash?
Ehr.. I know, it’s just an experiment…

Comment by Mega69 — May 18, 2007

no, flash requires a plug-in. :)

Comment by pippo — May 18, 2007

Took me a while, but I’ve figured out how to add highscores manually ;p. Pretty well written, score is well hidden as pivate member (funtion scope ftw), had to emulate the whole script to do that :).

Comment by nea — May 18, 2007 has a tetris application written in Pascal that is compiled by Morfik into AJAX as well. Source is sitting there, too.

Comment by PM Maliki — May 18, 2007

nea , yeah I didn’t a lot to protect from cheaters.
It was just a demo application for my own experience.
And it is interesting for me to know if it possible to write some protection from this at all.

Comment by Sergey Popov — May 18, 2007

Great demo, thanks for sharing. These constantly remind me that no matter how good I think I am getting there is always room to improve.

Comment by Jeffrey Robbins — May 18, 2007

Size of the JavaScript file is 8.98 kb. Impressive!

Comment by José Jeria — May 18, 2007

man, you just forced me to waste a whole hour!! now, me need to get back to work…wait, one more time…i promise. lol.

Comment by Liming Xu — May 18, 2007


Comment by Vote for the worst — May 18, 2007

Well done, and quite playable. Regrettably, I’m not very good at this game – only made it about 10 minutes in.

Comment by Scott Schiller — May 18, 2007

Sergey: you can’t, which is really a shame :(. I’m doing an online rpg my own, and the way I do the stuff, server have to control every move a player is doing, but that would be a killer for Tetris I guess ;p. In normal apps, you can set some stuff on the client and relay on that, but when you consider that even games like WoW were hacked before (teleport, speed hacking, walking under the ground), and then JavaScript comes as a full source code and Ajax calls can be “sniffed” with such common tools as FireBug, there is really nothing you can do :(.

Comment by nea — May 19, 2007

Fun, except for the page moving when you try to move or rotate the blocks, or the auto-search popping up when you use the keyboard :/

Comment by X — May 20, 2007

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