Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Most Relevant Browsers of 2009

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John has taken a shot at listing the most relevant browsers of 2009:

  • IE 7
  • IE 6
  • Firefox 3
  • Safari 3
  • Opera 9.5

I think that Firefox 3 and Safari 3 may end up tieing, and if you frame it as rendering engines, Webkit will probably beat Gecko as it is also being used by iPhone, AIR, Android, and Nokia (they use Gecko too).

And, what about IE 8?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:38 am

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IE6 may finally be on the way down by 2009 considering that IE7 is being pushed so hard by Microsoft. All new computers have at least IE7…I know I know, I am dreaming, but let me dream. :P

Comment by xxdesmus — January 31, 2008

IE6 still has 46% market share across my 5M users… :(

Comment by Steve Roussey — January 31, 2008

For me in 2009 the list will be different. Currently I still use IE6 a lot but I see a lot of users to switch to IE7 under MS pressure. Also FF3 is widely expected from all FF-fans so the adoption will be fast. So the final list will be:

* IE 7
* Firefox 3
* IE 6 Safari 3 (tie)
* Opera 9.5

Comment by ajaxus — January 31, 2008

My 2009 prediction (in order, starting with most used): IE 7, IE 8, FF 3, IE 6, Safari 3, Opera 10

Comment by Will Peavy — January 31, 2008

@Steve Roussey

I disagree with your statement.

See this:

Comment by MezZzeR — January 31, 2008

How can you disagree with someone else’s stats? They’re relating to his sites.

Anyway, w3schools is targeted specifically at web developers – exactly the kind of people who are more likely to be using an alternative browser.

Comment by Robin — January 31, 2008

How can you disagree when he’s talking about _his_ users (I’d interpret that as stats of websites he has some sort of control over).

I can only say that of the sites that I get to see stats regularly, of all IE users, averaged of course, I have now 52% using IE7, 48% IE6. Nice to see that they have switched position over the last 5 months. In total I think IE is used by about 70-80% on these sites.

I’m excited about the development on IE8 as well. Passing ACID2 is good news.

Comment by MatthiasWillerich — January 31, 2008

I think the author needs a reality check with regards to “if you frame it as rendering engines, Webkit will probably beat Gecko as it is also being used by iPhone, AIR, Android, and Nokia (they use Gecko too)”

iphone, air, android and nokia are all great, but they’re less than a droplet in the big ocean of web users… and even though you’re talking about 2009, my guess is it will have stayed relatively the same… sure mobile web will have grown by an order of magnitude, but it’ll still be nowhere near it’s big brother

maybe you can hope for the w3schools stats to show webkit as the leading engine… just as i go there to feel better about firefox… but to see it as actually the most used engine overall…

anyone willing to put money on this? :)

Comment by AlliXSenoS — January 31, 2008

*lol* John jumps from news to news … what about ;)

Comment by Harald — January 31, 2008

Let’s see some updated statistics including all mobile devices (iPhones, iPod Touch, etc etc)!

Comment by MezZzeR — February 1, 2008

WebKit and others will be used more and more on mobile devices. It started with Nokia putting it onto S60 years ago. IPhone, Android and others are now using it too. It starts first with smartphone, feature phones but will dive down to lower proposition devices. No license to pay to OpenWave, Access and the others. Ajax and some nice features of how to integrate it into a embedded platform ease the pain of exchanging the old browser with WebKit, MiniMo or whatever.

The market for all mobile handsets exceeds 1 billion a year since a while.

In short: we are talking 2 digit million devices 2008 and maybe already 3 digit figures in 2009 using WebKit. Then think about cars… machines in the household … why not a watch?

I am working on this kind of stuff. Good stuff coming up from the good ‘ol KDE browser project. The PC is old school. Anyways, i am still using it :-)

Comment by jfey — February 1, 2008

I already ignore IE6 when building web applications. I’ll be really upset if I’m still having to make websites IE6 compatible in 2009.

Comment by kim3er — February 1, 2008

They deserve better, but Opera just doesn’t seem relevant.

Comment by Bub — February 1, 2008

This is bogus. IE 6 is already dead. Facebook is dropping support for it (and already has to a certain extent). Many other Web 2.0 sites are NOT planning to support IE 6 in 2009 and are already weaning themselves from it *this year*. IE 7, unfortunately, is still on the list of supported browsers. Let’s all hope that webkit and gecko-based browsers gain an even bigger gain in market share than they did in 2007!

IE 8 is a bad dream. I wonder if it will even be released in 2009?

Comment by John Hann — February 1, 2008

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