Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Mouse-based Ubiquity: A Prototype and a Failure

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<>p>We’ve been watching over the last little while as the Humanized crew has leveraged their experience with Enso to create Ubiquity, an in-development command-line interface for the browser. But what about folks who aren’t as enamored with their keyboard as they are with their mouse?

Aza Raskin has recently published an interesting video showing how Ubiquity could work with just a mouse. It centers around this little nib which is barely visible when text is selected:

Hover over it, and it becomes more opaque:

Click on it, and a side-panel appears with the applicable Ubiquity commands:

Check out the full video:

Aza also blogged about a concept they didn’t use, a sketch of which can be seen here:

Aza explains that the big problem with this UI is that it simply isn’t scalable; once you add a large number of actions, it becomes a jumbled mess.

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It looks like you are trying to use Yahoomail a lot, may I help you? It looks like you are trying to use Yahoomail a lot, may I help you? It looks like you are trying to use Yahoomail a lot, may I help you?

Comment by randomrandom — December 25, 2008

I adore the concept and execution, very smart! Also, I think the ditched concept could be adapted into a very smart tool for blogs and forums – I could easily imagine selecting a chunk of text, and being given the option to “quote this” or “blog this” for some rather nice functionality… I might have to do this…

Comment by oopstudios — December 27, 2008

Coincidentally, the “failed” UI is pretty much IE8′s.

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — December 29, 2008

what is this ?

Comment by RawChocolate — July 30, 2009

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