Monday, April 12th, 2010

Move on Objective-C, CS5 to generate Canvas and JS

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We have been reminded of MAX showing Flash CS5 generating basic HTML5 code (Canvas/JS).

That’s right. Adobe is a tools company. Although it helps to own the platform (hence keeping Flash alive and wanting it to win) as the competition to build the best tools is a given, that doesn’t mean that they can’t compete on other platforms. To be frank, it isn’t like the Web has a ton of amazing tools to compete against anyway in fact, so I fully hope that with the success of HTML5 in the coming years, we see great tools from Adobe to help us deliver experiences. Especially for creative designer types… Adobe really gets those chaps (and chapesses).

What tools would you like to see from Adobe? Maybe we can get them to dust off their SVG? ;)

Check out the launch of Creative Suite 5.

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Flash to HTML5 canvas is not included in CS5, but it would be fun to see this implemented in future builds.

The above movie is a snap of the MAX 2009 sneak previews. Some of the presented technologies might never reach it in the product.

Comment by V1 — April 12, 2010

V1: Ah, maybe that’s why it’s not listed on the page with new Flash features:

Too bad. It would’ve been cool. I guess they don’t want to cannibalize their Flash platform.

Comment by edwinm — April 12, 2010

Adobe’s Sneak Peak sessions demos stuff that Adobe is working on, but some features aren’t part of the current release cycle but the following release. Example, Adobe demoed a cool feature in Flash Builder where you could debug a SWF file, edit code and then test the code without having to recompile. Unfortunately, that didn’t make it into Flash Builder 4 and I imagine it will be in Flash Builder 5. Great feature, but not enough time before Flash Builder 4 to finish it and debug it properly. Similarly, I imagine outputing Flash content to canvas tag will be in CS6. However, it’s really too bad they didn’t include it with CS5 as I think it would have been a popular feature.

However, I have been reading that Dreamweaver CS5 does include some HTMl5 support, although I’m definitely curious how much.

Comment by MatthewFabb — April 12, 2010

@edwinm – What? You don’t think Dreamweaver will support HTML5 when it’s more of an established standard? Just because they don’t want to cannibalize their Flash platform? What? Considering Adobe’s path lately of slowly moving Flash into its own development platform separate from the web I don’t think Adobe is scared of HTML5. They will embrace it as they do most other technologies when it’s in their best interest. Adobe is already showing signs of strongly supporting HTML5 in several ways but people tend to forget that HTML5 still has a ways to go before it is standard.

Comment by travisalmand — April 12, 2010

The Canvas rendering parts of CS5 basically was a hoax. Probably to try to rescue some of their developers before they all fled to ObjectiveC, and hopefully at least some of them to Open Web technology. I’ve written about it here;
But I too fell for it when it was told;

Comment by ThomasHansen — April 14, 2010

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