Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Mozilla creates the concept cars of the Web

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The video above is a “concept” called Aurora, created by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path. Give it a play and you will see his vision for a very visual immersive, space-age-like environment that is very social.

There are a couple of others too, such as Wei Zhou’s bookmarking concept and Aza Raskin’s mobile phone concept that we have discussed in the past.

This isn’t about these concepts though. The Mozila Labs folks have a call for participation:

Today we’re calling on industry, higher education and people from around the world to get involved and share their ideas and expertise as we collectively explore and design future directions for the Web.

You don’t have to be a software engineer to get involved, and you don’t have to program. Everyone is welcome to participate. We’re particularly interested in engaging with designers who have not typically been involved with open source projects. And we’re biasing towards broad participation, not finished implementations.

We’re hoping to lower the barrier to participation by providing a forum for surfacing, sharing, and collaborating on new ideas and concepts. Our goal is to bring even more people to the table and provoke thought, facilitate discussion, and inspire future design directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project, and the Web as a whole.

Time to get creative and put on your inventor hat. Maybe your idea can get into Firefox?

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god, seeing all those file just makes me want to shut down my laptop..
I really hate clutter, i only have 2 icons on my desktop.

I dont see how extensive file clutter can be the future of the web..

Comment by V1 — August 5, 2008

Year 2021, Intel Core 32xDuo :)
Base on Gecko 991.55.77 :)

It looks like old SF movie

human: David Bowman

ps. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Comment by halski103 — August 5, 2008

From an ergonomic point of view, …

– since we still live in a world where the mouse acts as an interface to a website, this would probably be a hard interface. I really hope it is gesture-driven otherwise you will have to sway your pointer from the extreme left to the extreme right side of the screen. Other than that the eye will get tired pretty soon.

– The dimensions of the proposed datacube cannot be rotated or made invisible to hide unnecessary information

– “Semantic Net” has its shortcomings in real world use.

@V1: “I dont see how extensive file clutter can be the future of the web..”
– massive clutter already is PRESENT DAY status. All indicators say it will become worse. A browser that filters data, groups data and can learn from the user behaviour is a nice concept IMHO.

Interesting stuff. BTW where is the “back” button? Some people will get lost without it :-)

Comment by FrankThuerigen — August 5, 2008

Visiting the site will reveal a mega “back” button concept … so forget that comment.

Comment by FrankThuerigen — August 5, 2008

A touchscreen interface (imagine a 21″ iPhone) would make this really futuristic. Otherwise, it maybe harder to use as Frank indicated.

Comment by ragjunk — August 5, 2008

I might be stating the obvious, but perhaps people missed it on the video, but the HID used is not a traditional mouse, but appears to be a device that looks like it has been specifically designed to navigate the “threeish dimensional” user interface.

Comment by DiscoNova — August 5, 2008

…which will take decades to make a stand in COTS hardware, right?

Comment by FrankThuerigen — August 5, 2008

The HID in the video is the Novint Falcon 3D haptic mouse pictured here.


Comment by narphorium — August 5, 2008

Imagine the IE 11 implementation of this. *shudders*

Comment by emehrkay — August 5, 2008

I bet 50 € on that IE 11 will still not have any SVG or DOM Level 2 Events support.

Feel free to contact me then to get the money.


Comment by Jeria — August 6, 2008

So you replaced the cursor with a hand…. selecting now becomes dragging…
You also scrapped context menus in favor or a round version with unlabeled dots…

Like most concept cars… this one will not see the light of the factory lamps.

Comment by JeromeLapointe — August 7, 2008

This is a very awesome imagining of the next generation of interacting with the web/Internet. Definitely going to include this as part of my Weekend Reading…


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

Comment by theproductguy — August 8, 2008

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