Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Mozilla hires Aza Raskin and other Humanized folk

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Wow, John Lilly is shaking things up as CEO! Mozilla has managed to hire the guys behind Humanized:

Mozilla has hired 3 of the principals from Humanized. They will be joining the Mozilla Labs team on January 16, 2008. We expect a lot of innovation work from them, some Firefox-related, some broader, just like everything else in Mozilla Labs. This was not an acquisition. No premium was paid and no intellectual property was acquired by Mozilla.

The work done by the Humanized principals speaks for itself — there are lots of great, web-relevant ideas in their work and we’re excited to have them join Mozilla.

This is great news. We know about Enso and Songza but what is really interesting here is that they have ideas for next gen browsing.

I really hope to see a prototype of the zoomable UI browser with vertical tabs so you infinitely scroll around. Congrats to the guys, especially Aza, who I know is a great guy and always enjoy his talks at The Ajax Experience. Are you guys moving to the bay or staying in Chicago? :)

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great news… I hope they help push the envelope and help push the web-based paradigm further into continued improved usability.

Comment by Mark Holton — January 15, 2008

Congratulations guys! Mozilla is lucky to have you.

Comment by jkuhnert — January 16, 2008

I clearly am in the minority but I dislike Enso. I trust myself to include the tasks of searching for applications within the OS to be included in my workflow. I don’t need help in that matter at all. I simply don’t use enough apps for it to be a minefield.

I gave the application to a number of ‘users’ since I was keen to understand their feelings on being ‘helped’ by these typed shortcuts.
They all instantly changed the hotkey to Shift or Left Control and gave themselves endless errors.

For me it’s a nice idea but ultimately poor.

That said they will have a lot to offer. Good luck.

Comment by wc1970 — January 16, 2008

I dislike Enso and absolutely hate Songza. Seriously, Songza’s Dark Orange background/Light Orange rollover and the thrown togather broken buggy modal menu system leads me to believe that Humanized is long on theory, analysis and thought but so so short on actual execution. I can’t see how they could possibly benefit Mozilla.

Comment by Chris Phillips — January 17, 2008

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