Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Mozilla Labs’ Weave can become a platform for us

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Mozilla Labs has released the magical 1.0 version of Weave and the doors are now open for developers.

When I was a part of Mozilla Labs day to day, I always loved the vision and team behind Weave. I kept wanting the implementation to match the vision, but it is a tough problem and it takes time to bake. Well, it is getting there now.

Weave is special because it offers a series of back-end services (more than just sync) that are build with users (and their privacy) in mind, rather than business models. I have talked to a couple of entrepreneurs recently and thought that there ideas could be implemented nicely on top of Weave.

It is still early days, but I am jazzed to see the platform getting opened up. I am hoping to get clients for Safari, Chrome, and IE…. and look forward to a webOS client too :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:08 pm

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Their ideas. Their.

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — February 7, 2010

@okonomiyaki3000 – I’m sure their’s a good reason for there silly use of there…

Comment by sixtyseconds — February 7, 2010

One serious issue I have with Weave is that there is no way to completely log out. To make it forget a profile.

Let us say dorm mates share a computer. Each wants all of their settings while they are logged in, and none of their settings remembered when they log out.
Impossible, as there is no way for weave to to forget a profile. Log in once, it is there for anyone else who to access.
Not only can’t I log out of the profile, I can’t even require a password to relog in.

What if I want to let someone else use my computer for a few hours. Let me log out and not expose my passwords, for crying out loud!

Their claim to privacy is a farce as is.

Switching profiles is possible, so the underlying technology is easy – it is sandboxing all of the separate passwords/tabs/history. Why not allow for a log out feature?

Comment by SamGoody — February 8, 2010

Mozilla Labs has released the magical 1.0 version of Weave and the doors are now open for developers.
this’s good news for me. thks

Comment by kommepcaht2005 — February 8, 2010

Set the “master password”, then all your passwords are safe when you start a new session, and Weave doesn’t log in.

Comment by m3tropolis — February 8, 2010

apologies, but i’d rather gnaw my own leg off than develop to a suite of specs that touch webdev.

Comment by rektide — February 11, 2010

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