Friday, December 5th, 2008

Mozilla, Zazzle, and UIZE

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Moz Community Store

Mozilla is big on tinkering–making things your own. They recently released a marketplace for their community to upload its own shirt designs. But because they based it on the Ajax-heavy Zazzle platform, consumers can customize the shirts in a variety of ways. We thought this made for a good opportunity to take a closer look at Zazzle.

Easy Zooming

In the overview page showing different shirt designs, simply mousing over a shirt lets you zoom in on it in a smooth, easy motion.

Clicking into a shirt gives more Ajax goodness, like an alternate zooming interface showing the full-view and the detail simultaneously:

And finally, it has a shirt manipulation interface, though most of the design manipulation occurs on the server, it is sent back without a page reload, as we would expect:

Zazzle is built on the UIZE (pronounced “you-eyes”) Ajax framework which we covered briefly in 2006 and have yet to revisit. We’re not sure if UIZE is used by anyone but Zazzle, but it’s got a pretty nice website, docs, widgets, basic effects, an event system, and an inheritance system. We’ll have to give it a closer look!

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Disappointing that there is no free form rotate

Comment by TNO — December 5, 2008

Yes, it’s definitely on the list. Lots to work on.
So far, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into building the customization platform to scale to lots of different product types (and high volume), so if it’s not as deep as it could be with any one set of functionality, it’s because we’ve been deliberately developing a broad foundation (there are plenty of manufacturing considerations, too, for instance), so we steadily move an ever growing and broad product / service offering forward.

Comment by uize — December 5, 2008

The link for the Community Store should be

Comment by ryandoherty — December 5, 2008

uize has some nice transition effects on their site. They dont have a lot of mindshare despite looking pretty mature as a toolkit. Be interesting to see people pick it up.

Comment by ilazarte — December 5, 2008

Love the concept of the site, but am leery of posting any company designs (i.e. trademarked stuff) due to their restrictive license which grants Zazzle all rights to your stuff…

If they loosened up the licensing, I could see many corporations making their line of apparel available to employees (or anyone). (In the old days, companies just gave away the stuff to employees, but the recession has introduced many cutbacks on employee perks).

Comment by haywoodjablomee — December 8, 2008

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