Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

MRI: CSS Selector Inpage Tester

Category: CSS, Utility

John Allsopp, who authored XRAY, has a new tool for us to play with. MRI is a bookmarklet that fires up a tool allowing you to query items on the page using CSS selectors. As you put in your queries you will see the items on the page that match. You can also click on areas of the page to show some selector queries that would find that area.

MRI Tool

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:32 am

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Comment by Daniel — October 23, 2007

Great tool, love the simplicity.

Comment by Rob — October 23, 2007

Very cool, though nothing compares to FireBug.

Comment by Dave — October 23, 2007

Yeah, toyed with it for a minute. As Dave mentioned, it’s nothing that can’t already be done with Firebug via the command line console with the $$ selector function. Maybe John was just messing around… however, John’s still works in IE, Web kit, and Gecko based browsers. I wonder what kind of selectors work in each of the browsers. One of the demo’s show “li > a”, will that work in IE?

Comment by Dustin Diaz — October 23, 2007

Very cool, John.

Comment by Dr Nic — October 23, 2007

Very cool work^_^

Comment by Heresy.Mc — October 23, 2007

Nice work but, yes, nothing that can’t already be done with FirBug. I wonder where else he might take this?

Comment by johno — October 24, 2007

ps: any chance of increasing the base font size for ajaxian. 9.8px is too small!

Comment by johno — October 24, 2007

The one thing it does that I don’t think Firebug can do is highlight all elements referred to by a particular selector. Because of that I have already found it very useful.

Someone let me know if I’m wrong about Firebug…

Comment by Jason Porritt — October 24, 2007

I’m not sure where you’re getting the 9.8px from…I looked at the code and they’re not even setting a base font size – they’re scaling your browser’s font size setting.

On the topic though, pretty cool tool but I don’t know if I’d ever have a use for it (Firebug for Firefox and Developer Toolbar for IE are sufficient for my inspection purposes).

Comment by Andy Kant — October 24, 2007

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