Friday, April 6th, 2007

Multiplayer Connect 4

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Azer Koçulu developed a multi-player platform for Connect4 using php and javascript. It is possible to play the game simultaneously in multiple tables and chat with your opponents b y opening multiple game windows.

So, if you are few up wasting some time at work on Twitter, jump over and play some Connect 4!

Connect 4

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:04 am

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the only nice thing is the login form. :(

Comment by carlitos_way — April 6, 2007

Good project!!! But I never stop to lose :( Bug ?

A friend has begin a similar game (ASOW) Air soft on Web.
It’s a strategy game, you have 2 weapons and you must kill ennemies during differents parties (capture the flag, …).

Try this game :
For this moment, the interface is only in French :( sorry

Have fun !


Comment by scamp — April 6, 2007

Doesn’t work? Firefox

Comment by aaron — April 6, 2007

no, i’m playing with Firefox too..

Comment by azer koculu — April 6, 2007 is not a valid email address? Nice regexing, guys…

Comment by domi — April 6, 2007

Hi Azer,
this is a very nice game, I like to play it very often. Did you create all these games by yourself?
They are fantastic.

Comment by William — July 12, 2007

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