Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Music Player UI

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Yensdesign has a nice little example of a music player UI that uses mouse gestures and key handling to give a clean experience.

Songza did a great job here, and I still use it to find songs for the kids.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:31 am

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The only thing novel in Yensdesign’s UI are the mouse gestures. (All music players have keyboard shortcuts). And, while cute, I think they’re useability breaks down in a real-world application. As soon as you put other controls in the UI, you have to worry about the drag gesture being used for other things, like rearranging songs in a playlist. The only solution (?) is to reserve a bit of space in the UI where users would have to start the drag. That area/control essentially becomes a wierd sort of button where the behavior depends on what direction you drag when you press it. Such a control will be a bit strange to users, and nowhere near as intuitive as just have the classic forward/back buttons + volume slider.

That said, it really felt like the drag gestures needed to be bi-directional. That is, if I started a drag-down to lower the volume, I wanted to be able to switch the drag direction to increase the volume. (i.e. have it behave like an invisible slider). Same thing for next/previous track gesture.

Comment by broofa — December 17, 2008

Software emulation of iRiver’s “Choat”?

Comment by ronin691 — December 17, 2008

videos demos with no audio suck.

Comment by Filmo — December 19, 2008

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