Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

MxGraph: Clientside visual graphing

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MXGraph has been released, which shows you how to build interactive visuals simply from your browser:

MxGraph is JGraph in a browser. It uses Javascript, SVG and VML, along with an XML communications protocol to provide an interactive graph visualization toolkit in a standard Internet browser. The demo of MxGraph is a pure client-side implementation, but there is also a version that links to a server and enables many people to view and interact with the same diagrams simultaneously.


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The Ajaxed Web LandScape

A new Graphing library MXGraph based on javascript, svg and vml is released. Just saw it on Ajaxian…

Trackback by X.U Web Chronicle — June 13, 2006

MXGraph – Direct Manipulation Graph Component

Via Ajaxian: JGraph has release MXGraph, a direct manipulation visio-like beast. The web site says it’s a thin-client component on top of JGraph (if you’re not familiar with it, it is a — shocking — Java desktop visio-like beast). It

Trackback by Agile Ajax — June 13, 2006

There is nothing new here. SAP has been doing this stuff with SAP Visual Composer for over two years now.

Comment by Jeff — June 14, 2006

Sap Visual Composer requires the Adobe SVG plugin, we went down this route originally, but we realised 1) Adobe are clearly not supporting it and greatly favour flash now and 2) Many IE installations are not able to install the plug-in due to lack of admin rights. The whole idea of mxGraph is that it works with the vanilla IE and FF browsers and doesn’t have a dependency on a plug-in that could disappear at any time and cause IT headaches. SVC is great, don’t get me wrong.

Comment by David Benson — June 15, 2006

And now adobe have dropped the SVG plug-in…

Comment by David Benson — September 28, 2006

mmmh – open jacob seems to be good too.

Comment by David Flum — November 22, 2006

Open-jACOB has release the first Ajax base Workflow editor in the
ZeroCode application line.

See an example of the Open-jACOB Draw2d workflow component on



Comment by andreas herz — December 13, 2006

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