Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

MyBigRiver.com – live search for Amazon

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Jeff Chausse has created MyBigRiver.com, a quick and easy search engine for all of Amazon’s products. If you’ve ever gone through the dance of looking up a book on amazon, trying to clean the url, copying and pasting the image url, and then copying all that stuff to your blog, you will like this tool. Just start typing your search query, and append a keyword on the end to help limit the results – i.e. “Pragmatic Ajax book”.

Note that there is a referral code for MyBigRiver appended to the links provided, which you may want to strip out to append your own if you are in the Amazon associates program. I think Jeff could provide more value if he allowed users to append their own referral id, but he is the creator so he can certainly monetize it how he likes. I’ll stick with wp-amazon until there is a nice option to store my own referral id so I don’t have to edit the generated urls by hand.

mybigriver screenshot

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 2:29 pm

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[…] MyBigRiver.com just got its first major blog write-up on Ajaxian.com. They point out  (correctly) that I attach my own referral ID into the generated Amazon link. The way I see it, people who don’t have any interest in using referral links won’t care at all, and people who do use Amazon referral links will be well aware that they can (very easily) switch it to their own. […]

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I type in the word Linux and it comes back with the best guess of Batman Begins (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)???

Comment by punkcoder — January 24, 2006

“Linux book” does a bit better.

Comment by Rob — January 24, 2006

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[…] When it launched it got a little bit of buzz, from sites like Ajaxian and TailRank, got a brief mention from Evan Williams of Blogger and Odeo fame, and even created its own unexpected spinoff meme. […]

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