Monday, December 19th, 2005

MyBloop: File Storage Site

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“Bill Gates” emailed us about MyBloop a file storage website.

There are a number of sprinkles of Ajax on the site, including a nice Ajax/Flash search, and the ability to reload widgets on the pages.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:01 am

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i know i sound anachronistic for saying this…but is anyone trusting these sites with real data?

Comment by grumpY! — December 19, 2005

Pretty nice website… lots of music ;d

Comment by Jason — December 19, 2005

At this point I don’t think so – just take a look at the type of data on bloop :) Music, pictures, some movies, nothing very sensitive.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — December 19, 2005

How long will this site last? It’s loaded with copyrighted material, and i mean loaded. If you took the sharing aspect away maybe it will last, but this is way to easy to just upload you entire mp3 collection….

Comment by David — December 19, 2005

There is too much js error when I use FF to see.

Comment by Michael Cheng — December 19, 2005

The problem of this application is that with disabled javascript doesn’t works correctly :(

Howewer pretty idea.

Comment by Daniele Florio — December 20, 2005

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