Thursday, December 29th, 2005

MyLinkVault: Ajax Shared Bookmarks

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There are certainly a fair few bookmarking sites out there, but Thomas Rice wasn’t happy with them:

One of my main motivations for setting up the site was I needed somewhere to store my bookmarks online (as I use multiple PCs) and I didn’t like the interfaces of other sites – most are pretty slow, requiring you to reload the page when making a change or looking at different categories. So it’s really this ajaxian interface that I think sets the site apart.

If you want to check out a demo of the interface without signing up you can check out the demo page.

The Ajax features are:

  • clicking a category header to edit it
  • dragging categories to different positions
  • dragging links to different categories
  • locking/unlocking the page (stops dragging)
  • changing category header colors via the drop down menu
  • creating new links + categories (done without reloading page)
  • minimizing/maximising categories
  • changing privacy status of links


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:36 am

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I have tried the thing.But it seems that when you have lots of links in one category. It doesn’t have scroll bar or other facility to make it user-friendly.

Comment by Charlie — December 29, 2005

I like it, it looks nice, but it will not be a replacement for other bookmark sites until I can have rss feeds generated from my links. I rarely ever visit the site, but I use the bookmarks all the time.

Comment by Phil Ridlen — January 2, 2006

I think the design is nice, but when I tried the demo it wouldnt work. Crashed my safari once and on the second attempt, it just gave me an error…

Comment by shirster — January 22, 2006

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