Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

MyPunchbowl Upgrades Event System

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MyPunchbowl, the event planner that may kill evite, has pushed a new version, now with 150% more Ajax.

We asked Matt Douglas (Punchbowl team) to tell us what is new, and he replied:

  • All Sign in and Sign up windows are done in a modal dialog. Note the cool Ajax zoom effect we chose to use.
  • We’ve implemented a “User Feedback” form in much the same way. Note that this dialog can be accessed from the footer links as well.
  • We now offer the ability to try MyPunchbowl.com without the requirement to create a user account (“Try it Out”). We think we’ve done this very elegantly using Ajax. We let guests use the product until they actually try to send out emails. At that point, we throw up a dialog that asks them to register. The really cool thing we are doing here is saving all of the user data– so if you’ve created a guest list (for example), you won’t have to redo your work if you do decide to create an account.
  • Take a look at our YouTube integration in the After Party. Some nice Ajax as we retrieve the video from YouTube and display it on our page.

Those are a few of the highlights– there are lots of other smaller examples as well. Our philosophy is to use Ajax where it makes sense for the best possible user experience. Hope you like the new version of MyPunchbowl.

It is definitely a dynamic WYSIWYG experience as you create your event. There is a lot of good Prototype/Script.aculo.us/Rico

My Punchbowl

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It really looks nice. The Ajax part is snappy loading and adds a nice touch of friendly. Definitely not overdone. I’m not crazy about the black background mask for the login, though. Sort of morbid…

Comment by Curtis — March 7, 2007

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