Thursday, November 6th, 2008

MySource Mini: 2008’s Fluxiom

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Greg Sherwood sent us a link to a video showcasing MySource Mini, a web-based content management system with a super-sexy Ajax interface:

A short demonstration of the MySource Mini showing some of the amazing new features that differentiate it from other CMS products:
– True inline WYSIWYG content editing
– Inline editing of complex asset types
– Built-in graphical audit trails
– Content versioning with browser screenshots and PDF downloads
– Integrated context-sensitive help

One of the cooler features is a forth-coming open-source editor framework that allows arbitrary text nodes in the page to be edit-in-place, firing events as necessary, etc.:

Viper is different to other WYSIWYG editors in that it is not only completely written in JavaScript, but also does not use the browser’s editable region. All changes are made to the DOM directly and everything has been hand-coded, right down to the flashing caret. This gives the MySource Mini a true inline editing interface where the WYSIWYG editor is integrated completely into the editing mode.

Check out the video; like Fluxiom before it, it shows just how sexy Ajax applications can be.

There’s also another video that goes into more detail on the app.

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Just to note, the editor framework is open source, while the CMS is “AUD $10,000 + GST, plus an additional AUD $1,000 + GST annual fee”

Comment by PaulArmstrong — November 6, 2008

A while ago I made a bookmarklet that did similar inline editing (dumping page HTML to iframe and enabling edit mode on that frame), checking for changes and saving a copy of that data on a remote server. Though it’s almost completely irrelevant.
find it at (Powered by Google App Engine :))

Comment by antimatter15 — November 6, 2008

I watched the full video and I have to say the interface is very sleek, my personal favourite is the Cache screen with the sliding region on the timeline, drool*.

Comment by FujiNakamura — November 6, 2008

The price is correct, but it includes the physical server designed for MySource Mini as well. This product is aiming to be released as an appliance, so the client just purchase, plug and play.

Comment by cool23love19 — November 7, 2008

That is a very cool interface. I might get some of our clients to use this.

Comment by Sleekism — November 7, 2008

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