Monday, April 6th, 2009

Need a Script? Check out

Category: Ajax

Launched in June, 2007, has continued its steady growth of aggregating awesome extensions for the popular JavaScript frameworks. It was a late starter coming after the popular site MiniAjax but while MiniAjax unfortunately stopped updates, AjaxRain continued loading up with top scripts from around the web. Currently listing 1200+ scripts, it has become the starting place for finding cool features to leverage in your apps.

Looking at the jQuery, MooTools & Prototype categories you can see a wealth of options for all types of functionality.

They’ve also just updated the site:

  • Enhancing the UI
  • Improving advanced search options to increase discoverability
  • Tags for every aspect of UI design

In addition, they’ve now started to leverage Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about new scripts.

Finding good scripts is tough as it is with so many being hosted all over the web. So it’s good to see a service which is offering to wrap all of these up in a nice centralized manner.

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Yeah .. Ajaxrain is really great resource .. Love the site . Thanks for all behind Ajaxrain website ..

Comment by Heamanth — April 6, 2009

Ajaxrain is the greatest resource for ajax in the web… is other site… but i don’t know about updates…

Comment by blurkness — April 6, 2009

I couln’t help myself…

Ajax Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Ajax Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

Comment by Junado — April 7, 2009

Yet another incarnation of Dynamic Drive. These sites were never a good idea (look what has happened over the last ten years.)

Don’t accept script from strangers, especially not scripts that rely on still more scripts from strangers.

Comment by DavidMark — April 19, 2009

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