Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Netflix Million Dollar Prize

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Sean Kane from Netflix wrote us yesterday about the 1 Million Dollar Netflix Prize:

This contest seeks to substantially improve the accuracy of predictions about how much someone is going to love a movie based on their movie preferences. Netflix released to the public 100 million of its movie ratings, the largest of its kind ever released.

I know this isn’t specifically Ajax related, but it is cool.

He also pointed us to NYTimes coverage.

We mention it because Netflix has long been an Ajax early adopter, and the winning algorithm will undoubtedly have some kind of Ajaxian interface on top of it, and because we like Netflix, and because Sean is a speaker at the upcoming Ajax Experience conference. And because this is a really cool idea. Corporate America: bring on more million dollar prizes for geeks please. Maybe the next one can be coolest Ajax interface.

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We are interested in the opportunity to become canidates in your promotional hunt for better prediction of customer perferences.

Comment by Voncia Simmons & Tammy Martin — October 4, 2006

“the winning algorithm will undoubtedly have some kind of Ajaxian interface on top of it”

What are you blathering about?

The contest is to improve the current prediction mechanism. What role do you see AJAX playing in this? Its pure number-crunching. Server-side data manipulation. The only AJAX interface that’ll sit on top of it is what is already there to present you with your recomendations. And maybe a button on an admin page that someone pushes to kick off the job.


Comment by Trickyelf — October 6, 2006

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