Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

New Digg Ajax Comment System

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Kevin Rose and the team released a new screencast that gives us a glimpse of a new comment system over at Digg.

The new system uses effects to wipe in and out threaded comments, letting you rate each comment with the simple TiVo-esque thumbs up and down.

Digg Ajax Comments

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:43 am

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I. Love. Digg.

This is important because Digg is such a visible site, I expect that this will raise the bar for everyone else.

I can’t wait!

Comment by Jeffrey — March 1, 2006

[…] Kevin Rose and his Digg crew recently released a screencast of their new commenting system for their tremendously popular social recommendation service. If you look carefully at the video, you should soon be able to digg the comments within each Digg (I know, talk about meta!). While it may look like an overkill, it might help with the general complaint that the quality of Digg content has gone down. If you think about it even deeper (think hard!), this feature polarize Digg user sentiments even more… it’s a really interesting social experiment to see if the state of Digg actually gets better or worse. Bow down to Dion of Ajaxian for the headsup! Readership () | […]

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Cool, nice idea for a comments system. Are your comments AJAXafied? There’s only one way to find out….

Comment by Adam — March 2, 2006

Very cool commenting system Ah the power of Web 2.0 and Ajax :D

Comment by David — March 2, 2006

[…] Ajaxian » Kevin Rose and the team released a new screencast that gives us a glimpse of a new comment system over at Digg. […]

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At we had based some of our thoughts on how to grade videos on google on since it is such a great site. However, from the beginning we have used a thumbs up or down rather than a digg. It is kind of funny that digg is now also using thumbs up and down. We also use to help us out with some of the simpler ajax.

Comment by Marc — March 3, 2006


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Comment by testtest — May 15, 2006

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Comment by cellulite — June 5, 2006

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Comment by charles ravndal — June 12, 2006

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Comment by DGHDFDFG — November 5, 2006

Does any one know how digg does those google ads so they are just one large one at the top?
Jump on to any digg article to see what i mean (cant post links yet)

Comment by Moises — November 29, 2006

Nice job!

Comment by martin — January 7, 2007


Comment by test — January 19, 2007

Good one again. :)

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Comment by test2 — February 27, 2007

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Comment by Aran — April 9, 2007

Have to test this. :) Looking for an ajax commenting script myself!

Comment by World of Warcraft Blue Tracker — May 9, 2007

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Comment by casting — August 11, 2007

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