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New in Dojo: JSON Schema, Builds, Drag Handles, DOM Attributes, Grid features

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I remember a time where it was hard to get content out of the Dojo crew :) Times have changed, the community is a lot bigger, and now we get to see a ton of content. Sometimes the irony behind this is that when you see a lot, you don’t want to overwhelm people so you pass on stuff that you would have posted in the past.

To rectify this a little, here is a bit of a roundup on some of the interesting news from Dojo land in recent weeks:

JSON Schema in Dojo

JSON Schema provides a portable language-agnostic definition for describing object data structures. JSON Schema can be used for documenting, validating, and constraining data to facilitate interoperability and data integrity, and now Dojo provides a straightforward module for leveraging JSON Schema within the browser.

Dojo 1.2 now includes a JSON Schema validator module, dojox.json.schema, under the dojox.json project (which also includes JSON Referencing and JSONQuery). The validator can be used to determine if an instance object or value is valid against a given schema.

Automatic Dojo Builds

The build system that is part of the Dojo Toolkit is an incredibly powerful tool. Making sure that your custom build is always up-to-date in your web application can be time consuming and error prone if done manually. This post will demonstrate how to quickly add custom Dojo builds into any web application that uses Apache Ant.

Inside Dojo DnD: Drag Handles

A frequently overlooked and underused feature of Dojo’s Drag-and-Drop (DnD) module is drag handles.

DOM Attributes and The Dojo Toolkit 1.2

The Dojo Toolkit 1.2 has landed and I’ll be talking about a new feature — dojo.attr — and its closely related cousin, In a given block of HTML, not all attributes are created equally. Take the following example:

  1. <div id="testDiv"
  2.     tabindex='1"
  3.     onmouseover="onOver();"
  4.     name="nameAtt"
  5.     style="background:#ffff00;">
  6. New Content
  7. </div>

New Features in Dojo Grid 1.2

The last article about the Dojo Grid focused on what has changed when creating a grid using Dojo 1.2. In this article we will be covering five new features of the Dojo 1.2 Grid: Dijit interoperability, selection modes, reorderable columns, header context menus, and column hiding. The examples in this article can be downloaded in a tarball (which includes the build profile I used) so you can play along from home!

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dojo.attr() is cool.

Hate when we get news items that cover so much, though. It’s difficult to get a conversation going.

Comment by Nosredna — November 4, 2008

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