Thursday, June 19th, 2008

New in standards: Acid4 and HTML 5 update

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Some interesting news in the standards world. First, we have an updated HTML 5 working draft.

You can read the notes from what is updated or a visual diff which includes very low level details such as:

  • API for the canvas element has been cleaned up. Text support has been added.
  • globalStorage is now restricted to the same-origin policy and renamed to localStorage. Related event dispatching has been clarified.
  • postMessage() API changed. Only the origin of the message is exposed, no longer the URI. It also requires a second argument that indicates the origin of the target document.
  • Drag and drop API has got clarification. The dataTransfer object now has a types attribute indicating the type of data being transferred.
  • The m element is now called mark.
  • Server-sent events has changed and gotten clarification. It uses a new format so that older implementations are not broken.
  • The figure element no longer requires a caption.
  • The ol element has a new reversed attribute.

We also see that a new Acid4 is germinating:

Acid4 will be primarily a visual test, not especially scripted. Focus
will probably be on SVG, CSS, and mixing namespaces, probably with the
main document being an XML file with an SVG root element.

Lessons Learned

  • don’t include minor bugs
  • don’t ask for specific tests, write the tests yourself
  • request feedback from early on (t=0) in the cycle, both publically and directly to specific people
  • ask for feedback about what things to test
  • don’t actually show the test early in the cycle, to prevent people from targetting it while people are discussing what to test
  • no performance stuff as part of the test (though as a separate competition is ok if you get everyone to sign off on the test being fair)
  • make it have a pretty picture

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I heard in html 6 the element is going to be called Frank.

Comment by Dave Crighton — June 19, 2008

Looks like they just listed the first 8 “high-level” changes on the list. Here’s some other neat ones I found while browsing through the list:

-The iframe element has gained the sandbox and seamless attributes which provide sandboxing functionality.
-Media begin event has been renamed to loadstart for consistency with the Progress Events specification.
-The target attribute can now have the value _blank.
– The table element has a new createTBody() method.

Lot’s more neat stuff in there, definitely check it out.

Comment by tj111 — June 19, 2008

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