Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

New Jobs Board on Ajaxian.com

We’re pleased to announce our new job board. We get tons of inquiries from people who want to us to post information about their job opportunity. We tried to keep up by posting these into a Job category on the site, but it was always a second class citizen and it would get lost.

Since we knew that people wanted the feature, we looked for a self-service system, and found one.

The board is much more user-friendly, for those looking for new jobs and those looking for new employees. Catch-all recruitment sites deliver hundreds of unqualified resumes. Industry-specific job boards are the way to go. Thanks for the interest expressed in an Ajaxian job board. It’s finally arrived.

For Job Hunters

This community is in a fantastic position. The San Jose Mercury News ran a piece a few months back talking about how hard it is to find anyone knowledgeable in Ajax related technologies. You can afford to be picky, find rewarding and creative jobs, oh, and you can make a good living doing it!

Take a peak at what is on offer on the board now. It has just started, so we expect to see more new exciting opportunities.

For Job Posters

If you need qualified Ajax personnel this is the place for you. We, the Ajaxian community, are proud of our abilities, and we are changing the web. Get direct access to qualified, skill-hungry innovators, who are top notch JavaScript developers, architects, and user experience folk.

Go ahead and post your job. It is $100 for 30 days.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:05 am

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just a request. ASk job posters to mention that whether telecommute is possible or not because not everyone is in US/UK

Comment by Adnan Siddiqi — August 7, 2007


Good point. There is a field for this, Other Location Info, so hopefully we will get people to use it to say Tri-state area, telecommute, nationwide, or whatever.



Comment by Dion Almaer — August 7, 2007

Can you make that into an RSS feed?

Comment by Dale Asberry — August 7, 2007

Ok with that RSS feed, can you please add the company name as an attribute? Super idea though!

Comment by Alexei — August 7, 2007

Dion, if you make that ‘Job Type’ field mandatory then they can’t skip it. By adding job type in DROPDOWN MENU would save you to read different text of same type of job. Don’t think I am teaching you web designing,it’s just my attempt to help you out. :-)

RSS is the best idea!.

Comment by Adnan Siddiqi — August 8, 2007

It would be helpful if location data were encoded as an entity we could parse using Yahoo Pipes or suchlike. A proper piece of metadata in the feeds? I want to be able to subscribe to feeds for my local area.

Keep up the good work!

Comment by Joe Crawford — August 8, 2007

One comment:
If possible please add a provision to categorize a job as freelance/onsite etc. Also, some space for the duration and rate details.

Anyway a great start.

Comment by Lovegin — August 8, 2007

itll be great if we latin people could have a mirror page where spanish speakers could see this kind of job opportunities

i know USA only let american citizens to work there, but im sure it should be some departments for these companies in our countries, i know it because i work for one of them in Mexico (also Panama, Argentina and Spain)

im an actionscript programmer
i do php/mysql
also html/css/javascript/ajax
working since 1997

maybe we have less programmers but ready to work on ;)

Comment by scriptdog — August 9, 2007

I’m currently looking for a Frontend Web Developer in Santa Monica, CA for someone very Javascript savvy, meaning Prototype / jQuery / MooTools / YUI / JSON / Scriptaculous experience (any, not all).

Anyways, even for a mere $100, we wouldn’t post on a specialty job board unless it had GOOD coverage on a website like joelonsoftware.com does. Most job boards like 37signals / Techcrunch have produced no leads because they’re not visible enough. Face it, unless you’re on the front page of a highly website, nobody is going to click on your job posting.

I really hope you do put up something above the fold and readable for people to glance over when reading Ajaxian. I know this is a kick ass site, and I’d hate for you guys to launch a job board that doesn’t help out job seekers or employeers.

** By the way, contact jobs@newcars.com if you’re interested in doing cool Javascript development in Santa Monica, California for Cars.com. **

Comment by Tom Longson — August 10, 2007

Here’s an idea: Charge triple for recruiters.

Comment by Garrett — August 11, 2007

What’s the difference between a recruiter posting a job desc and an employer? I’m a manager, not a recruiter, but we have an on-site recruiter, and honestly she’s not tech savvy to find this site.

I just don’t see the point of your idea Garrett.

Comment by Tom Longson — August 12, 2007

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