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New jQuery Podcasts

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A couple of feature-packed jQuery podcasts have appeared in the past month or so: YayQuery (iTunes), a laid-back video podcast from folks in the jQuery community; and the official jQuery podcast (iTunes), hosted on the official jQuery blog and aiming to be a mix of news and interviews, hosted by Elijah Manor and Ralph Whitbeck.

Paul Irish sent the following about YayQuery:

It’s a video podcast hosted by myself and three others, featuring laid-back discussions about current news and library/plugin releases; recently we’ve covered Brian LeRoux’s Lawnchair script, JSON serialization options, dependency management and front-end performance techniques. We’ve just released our fifth episode.

Besides news, we also do a few segments where we dive deeper into particular areas of jQuery; we try to have a range of topics that will appeal to newbs and veterans alike.

– “Hiddenhancements”, handy tricks inside jQuery you might not know about
– “Anti-Pattern for Performance of the Week” – Common coding practices that can get you into trouble, and how to avoid them
– “Plugin of the Week” – a new and/or awesome jQuery plugin that needs some evangelisin’
– “Beginner’s Corner” – Things we wish we’d known when we were getting started with JavaScript and jQuery
– “nayQuery” – When to *not* use jQuery, and what options exist outside the $

The yayQuery hosts (Paul Irish, Rebecca Murphey, Alex Sexton and Adam J. Sontag) have years of experience being neck-deep in their own jQuery development, as well as providing support and training to the community

The official jQuery podcast has thus far interviewed jQuery creator Jon Resig, jQuery UI release manager Richard D. Worth, and none other than YayQuery host Paul Irish.

There’s also Remy Sharp’s jQuery For Designers, which has been publishing a video podcast feed of screencast tutorials since the start of the year.

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Thanks for the shout out! Although, I don’t recall being a guest on the yayQuery podcast. At least… not yet ;)

Comment by elijahmanor — December 10, 2009

Fixed, thanks.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — December 10, 2009


Comment by Aphrodisiac — January 15, 2010

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