Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

New Netflix Developer APIs

Netflix has a long history of presenting at the Ajax experience, starting with Sean Kane giving talks on their use of Ajax and their approach to usability to this year’s presentation when Bill Scott revealed Netflix’s new Ajax developer APIs.

If these APIs were just about allowing developers to manage rental queues, it would be of limited interest. Instead, the APIs are quite broad and include features like:

# Performing searches of movies, TV series, cast members, and directors
# Retrieving catalog titles, including details about the title such as name, box art, director, cast, etc.
# Determining the subscriber’s relationship to a specific title, e.g, in queue, saved, available on DVD, etc.
# Managing and displaying queues for users
# Providing conveniences such as auto-completion of partial search terms typed by a user.
# Displaying a user’s ratings and reviews.
# Including functional Add and Play buttons in your web application.

Since IMDB lacks an API (and the community-provided APIs seem to be in various stages of disrepair — note that the site linked to in this story is now down), this fully-supported offering from Netflix seems quite interesting indeed. Check out their blog post announcing the features and their new developer portal.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 11:17 am
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