Monday, November 23rd, 2009

New SVG Web Release: Gelatinous Cube

Just in time for Thanksgiving is another SVG Web release. The SVG Web project’s tradition is to name SVG Web releases after monsters from D&D just to increase the geek factor, so in that spirit their release name this time is “Gelatinous Cube”:

The Gelatinous Cube is a truly horrifying creature:

A gelatinous cube looks like a transparent ooze of mindless, gelatinous matter in the shape of a cube. It slides through dungeon corridors, absorbing everything in its path, digesting everything organic and secreting non-digestible matter in its wake. Contact with its exterior can result in a paralyzing electric shock, after which the cube will proceed to slowly digest its stunned and helpless prey.

Fun times.

Highlights of this release:

  • Loads of important bugs fixed
  • Performance improvements
  • You can now dynamically create new SVG root tags
  • All the namespace aware functions now implemented: setAttributeNS, getAttributeNS, etc.
  • You can now clone SVG nodes (cloneNode)
  • You can now right-click on the SVG when using Flash to view the dynamic updated SVG source
  • Running getElementsByTagNameNS scoped to a particular node now works, such as myGroup.getElementsByTagNameNS(svgns, ‘text’)
  • and much much more

Read more about the new release.

Learn more about SVG Web:

About SVG Web and SVG:

SVG Web is a JavaScript library which provides SVG support on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Using the library plus native SVG support you can instantly target close to 100% of the existing installed web base. SVG itself stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, an open standard that is part of the HTML 5 family of technologies for interactive, search-engine friendly web vector graphics.

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