Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

New Version of SVG-Edit

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SVG-Edit is a nifty open source editing web app that uses SVG and doesn’t need a server-side:


The SVG-Edit team recently announced SVG-Edit 2.4, code named Arbelos. New features include:

– Raster Images
– Group/Ungroup
– Zoom
– Layers
– Curved Paths
– UI Localization
– Wireframe Mode
– Change Background
– Draggable Dialogs
– Resizable UI (SVG icons)
– Convert Shapes to Path

Try out the demo here:

Check out the project page:

Read the release notes:

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 5:30 am

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This –an easy way to use SVG– is, in my opinion, the best way to let Flash go…

Comment by lmasanti — February 2, 2010

It SVG icons interest anyone, swing on over to http://www.iconforge.co.za/ – it’s a MooTools plugin to draw icons using Raphael.

Comment by sixtyseconds — February 2, 2010

I’m amazed at what’s possible in the browser these days.

<sarcasm>I think someone should let them know it doesn’t work in IE6…</sarcasm>

Comment by Skilldrick — February 2, 2010

Great stuff. If it had a backend where you could save your drawing it would be great. I’ve already used http://www.hanovsolutions.com/webdraw/ and I just love beeing able to access my drawings both from work and at home.
Also Someone should make this into a google wave gadget, so you can have collaborative drawing.

Comment by ebdrup — February 3, 2010

@edbrup: Yes, SVG-edit is quite easy to hook up to a backend (some wikis and CMSs have already done this). Also, there was a Google Wave gadget for 2.3, but that’s probably bit-rotted in this release (needs an owner).

Comment by codedread — February 3, 2010

Seems the iconforge server fell over from traffic. Should be working again…

Comment by sixtyseconds — February 4, 2010

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