Thursday, October 19th, 2006

New ZK Google Maps Component

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Integrating a third party mega widget like Google Maps into a server-side framework like ZK or Echo2 is not so straightforward. At best these widgets sit there on the page sending and reacting to events independent-of and invisible-to the Ajax app in which they are embedded. At worst they consume and generate conflicting events and confuse the heck out of themselves and the server-side framework’s client engine.

The ZK team has taken up this challenge and has just released a ZK component that allows you to embed Google Maps in your application. With this component you can now both issue and respond to events from the server-side. For example, the following zul code allows you to use a ZK slider component to zoom a map:




Right now a limited set of events are supported, but more is on the horizon:

We have demonstrated how to use this new ZK gmaps component, the Google Maps component. The Google Maps API is a versatile API set. The ZK team will integrate more functions and events into the gmaps component so ZK application developers can control it easily.

We are going to discuss the “behind the scene” in another smalltalks about how this Google Maps API is integrated as a ZK gmaps component; especially how to route the Google Maps javascript event back to server as an ZK event. Sit tight.

Consider the possibilities: maps that zoom and pan in response to server-side events, such as election results coming in; maps that update realestate listings as a user types a query; listings that are updated based on where a users pans the map. I can hardly wait.

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Harald – check out Microformats for what you’re looking for. It enables you to embed markup for events & locations and then plugins to activate these to add to your calendar or map them.

Comment by Andrew Turner — October 19, 2006

Sorry, by events I mean user interface events, i.e. “the user has dragged the map to a different lat/long,” or “the user has zoomed the map in (or out).”

Comment by Dietrich Kappe — October 19, 2006

[…] anew ZK Google Maps components, which is used declaratively […]

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Trackback by jhrccjvpwc — October 26, 2006

Is that usefull for navigating?

Comment by World Dvd — September 17, 2007

Great widget. But I doubt that all possibilities will be available.

Comment by Beat — October 6, 2007

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