Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

NewsAlloy RSS Reader

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Increasing the likelihood that I’ll jump off the bloglines train real soon now, another Ajax RSS reader has launched. NewsAlloy gives you all the standard features you’d expect – grouping feeds together into channels, archiving and “pinning” posts, etc. You can pull in your existing feeds with the OPML import feature.

These guys have opted for the “zero page refresh” approach. It looks like tabs and menus are all handled with web remoting with a little “Loading …” progress indicator in the corner.

It would be nice to see some drag-and-drop in these readers, to help categorise feeds, save posts, and so on. Also, people spend a lot of time inside their feed readers, so keyboard shortcuts are critical.


Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 1:53 am

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UI look nice, very GMail’ish, but it does not support atom and failed to import my bloglines opml (saying that there is no feeds). Google’s aggregator was ugly looking but it took that opml without problems. So, I’d stay on bloglines for now…

Comment by eu — December 3, 2005

It did not work in firefox 1.5

Comment by Andrew — December 3, 2005

The link on the page management page to “LiveInternet” is kinda weird. who puts a link to some Russian website within their application?

Comment by Web2.0 Policeman — December 3, 2005

It doesn’t work for me, meaning it’s a stupid interface or I’m stupid and I can’t live with the implications of the latter.

But most annoying is its constant refresh, which can’t be turned off…

If it gets really, really popular I’ll try it again.

Comment by Andi — December 3, 2005

i would normally try this out but i am completely satisfied with netvibes, they seem to have anticipated my desired featureset and presentation. to me it is simply the best rss aggregator.

Comment by grumpY! — December 3, 2005

Did anyone find their terms of service anywhere? You have to agree to them to register, but I couldn’t find a link anywhere.

Comment by Wilson — December 4, 2005

gentleman, we know about some undone thing and they will be launched this week. this includes OPML import and many more new features


Comment by lordtime — December 5, 2005

NewsAlloy now supports OPML import including subchannels, etc.

You may track all new features at

Atom feeds support will be added later this week

Comment by lordtime — December 5, 2005

Its another ajax blunder like google reader.

Comment by Apoorv Kulshrestha — December 6, 2005

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