Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Niceforms: Pretty up your web forms

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Web forms. Everybody knows web forms. Each day we have to fill in some information in a web form, be it a simple login to your webmail application, an online purchase or signing up for a website. They are the basic (and pretty much the only) way of gathering information on the web.

You basically know a web form when you see one as they always look the same and they’ve kept this look over the years. Try as hard as you might but web forms can only change their appearance so much. Some may argue that this is a good usability feature and I tend to agree but there comes a time when you just need to style web forms so they look different. How do you do that?

This is where Niceforms comes into play.

Check out the demo form, and if you like what you see grab the code.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:29 pm

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Breaking keyboard navigation is not justified by good looks ;-)

Comment by Erik Arvidsson — September 10, 2005

I have this working but when I click submit it errors because it cant ‘t find var.php.

Can you give me my next steps?

Comment by Dennis Bullock — November 11, 2005

‘var.php’ is the destination url I presume i.e., the form that will process your input from current form. leave it empty – if you wish.

Comment by Anon — November 24, 2005

Definitely looks good but I think there are a few problems.

1. Clicking on the select field (not the button next to it) doesn’t do anything.
2. Clicking outside the selectbox once the dropdown has been activated doesn’t cause the select to ‘roll back up’ as it usually does.
3. Clicking on the actual radio buttons and check boxes doesn’t do anything (kindof the reverse of point 1).

I like the text boxes though. :)

Comment by Mark — January 7, 2006

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I tried to make this work long ago but failed. I sent email to badboy for help and he told me new version will be finished in 1 month and will be easier to use. That was about 6 month’s ago and I am still on waiting list.

Comment by Marko — March 31, 2006

His form components are not usable at all…. Creating nice visual components is one thing but reducing basic functionality is another…. I have created similar components that mimic standard operating system form components…. if anyone is interested they can email me….

Comment by david — August 14, 2006

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