Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Nine Tips For Rich Internet Applications

Category: Usability

Bill Scott has been putting in some great posts on Ajax design in the past few months. His most recent post is “Nine Tips for Rich Internet Applications”. Among the tips:

1) Make it directly interactive
2) Make it inviting
3) Use lightweight, in-context popups instead of page transitions where possible
4) Use real-estate creatively
5) Cross page boundaries reluctantly
6) Create a light footprint
7) Think of your interactions as storyboards
8) Communicate transitions
9) Think in objects

The post details each of these points.

Some of Bill’s earlier posts will also be of interest. Each of these considers a general Ajax feature/pattern and considers when and how it should be used. Lots of real examples.

Bill helped develop OpenRico while at Sabre and is now Ajax evangelist at Yahoo!

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Another good tip to add to that list would be:
Design it to degrade gracefully on browsers without javascript

Comment by Nick Gagne — January 12, 2006

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