Friday, December 29th, 2006

Ninja Words: Online Dictionary

Category: Prototype, Showcase

Ninjawords is a simple dictionary service that uses Ajax to ping resources to retrieve dictionary content.

To feel lucky in this app, you click random.

Ninja Words

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:00 am

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The search displays a file download dialog. The results are probably sent with an invalid header.

p.s. the captcha really humpfs .. “What four letter word starting with ‘A’ is the topic of this blog?”

Topic, blog? Ajaxian, Ninja? Really not a userfriendly approach imho.

Comment by M. Schopman — December 29, 2006

Ninja Words is written in Rails and uses Prototype.
The new spam prevention for comments is funny. Also keeps out non-developers. Funny, though.

Comment by kourge — December 29, 2006

It did not find shvantz. What a bummer.

Comment by Dan — December 29, 2006

I tried it and it isn’t very fast. My good old Webster’s Unabridged Second Edition desk-hog can do the job faster.

Comment by Ioannus de Verani — December 29, 2006

Not fast on a PDA. Not even usable. PDAs a a perfect target for an app like this when is do massively overloaded with junk. Why do so many new websites ignore the obvious trend of more and more people using PDAs to access the web?

Comment by greg — December 29, 2006

You could probably make it PDA friendly by returning REST results as XHTML rather than a method call. This shouldn’t be too hard, given that the Wiktionary source data is XHTML, already. I guess the downside to that is, it would be harder to “protect” and monetize, that way …

Comment by ARWolff — December 29, 2006

try url

Comment by click me — December 30, 2006


Comment by Ribin — February 13, 2007

it is by far the fastest dictionary i used…way fatser than merriam-webster
…also it allows u to get definition of more words with having the page to be reloaded, guess some people are just uneasy in trying new things..or websites in this case

Comment by james — March 17, 2007

I found a website faster than Ninjawords. Try to use and you compare it. I have been using this online dictionary for weeks now because their tools for my desktop are very useful for my children.. :)

Comment by jasper69 — April 26, 2008

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