Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Nintendo relaunches with Dojo, Mootools, and more

Category: Dojo, MooTools, Showcase has relaunched, and a view source shows you that it now sports Dojo, Mootools, and much more script.

As you hunt around for where you will see fun stuff in action you will find the game guide:


Take a peak and you see how they use inline templating.

  1. <textarea id="box_template" name="box_template" style="display:none;">
  2. {for g in list}
  3.     {if g.renderOK == "yes"}
  4.     {if (g.system) == "Wii"}
  5.       <div class="gameHolder wii_back" id="_!{}" onmouseout="clearTimeout(;" onmouseover="" style="display:none;">
  6.           <a href="/games/detail/!{}" onclick="try{mojo.Messaging.publish('/games/guide/gameChosen')}catch(e){}">
  7.                 <img class="boxart_image_wii" id="_i_!{}" onerror="this.src='/images/games/guide/wiibox.png';" src="!{g.small_box_art.url}" />
  8.             </a>
  9.           <p class="boxText">
  10.               <a class="boxTitle" href="/games/detail/!{}" onclick="try{mojo.Messaging.publish('/games/guide/gameChosen')}catch(e){}">!{g.short_title}</a>
  11.             </p>
  12.             <p class="boxText boxDate">!{g.release_date}</p>           
  13.       </div>
  14.     {/if}
  15.       {if (g.system) == "DS"}
  16.       <div class="gameHolder ds_back" id="_!{}" onmouseover="" style="display:none;">
  17.           <a href="/games/detail/!{}" onclick="try{mojo.Messaging.publish('/games/guide/gameChosen')}catch(e){}">
  18.               <img class="boxart_image_ds" id="_i_!{}" onerror="this.src='/images/games/guide/dsbox.png';" src="!{g.small_box_art.url}" />
  19.           </a>
  20.             <p class="boxText">
  21.               <a class="boxTitle" href="/games/detail/!{}" onclick="try{mojo.Messaging.publish('/games/guide/gameChosen')}catch(e){}">!{g.short_title}</a>
  22.             </p>
  23.             <p class="boxText boxDate">!{g.release_date}</p>           
  24.       </div>
  25.     {/if}    
  26.   {/if}
  27. {/for}
  28. </textarea>

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:42 am

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That looks *very* sweet! Too bad IE 6 does not return any games here in the game browser…

Comment by SchizoDuckie — November 29, 2007

no offense but the loading time also speaks its own when going to that url.

Comment by mhr — November 29, 2007

i mean, slow, really slow.

Comment by mhr — November 29, 2007

I’m not getting anything back from it in FF2 either.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — November 29, 2007

Mhmm, turn jasvascript off and you will see: … nothing.

Comment by An — November 29, 2007

Which library provides inline templating capability?

Comment by Les — November 29, 2007

Interesting references to “mojo” in the source code.

Comment by JP — November 29, 2007

Works fine in Opera. not in IE & FF – thats a first !!

Comment by Mike — November 29, 2007

I think they’re having launch-day jitters.. It worked in IE and FF for me this evening.

Comment by Alexei — November 29, 2007

Works in FF2 for me now but they should add for those with JS turned off.

Comment by Jigs — November 29, 2007

short comment so I can plug something in my comment and my signature. try not to miss it

Comment by Eric — November 29, 2007

IE6 + CompanionJS — Error: 'dojo' is not defined (line 1)
Dojo seems to choke on a console.debug that CompanionJS doesn’t like. Why are there console messages on a production site?
I reloaded once and it worked. Then it didn’t work on next reload. ??
FF “No Games Found” Ever.
Safari on Windows: Same. Fail.
Opera 9.02: Same. Epic Fail.
If it ran on Opera, that would make sense for all those browsing with a Wii. Looks like more than “launch day jitters.”
@Les: Inline templating can be done with jQuery using jTemplates. Can’t speak for other libraries, however…

Comment by Charles — November 29, 2007

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