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Nitobi Survey Results on Ajax Development

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Nitobi ran a survey on Ajax technologies, and you (Ajaxian community) helped out in giving them your feedback.

They just released the results which consists of 570 answers. You must always take results with a grain of salt, since there are quite a few more designers and developers than 570 our there, but it is always fun to analyze. Often the results tell you more about the niche of people that the surveying group has access too than the global truth (e.g. the Ajaxian group skews to a slightly more advanced user base that doesn’t mind getting dirty).

The responses that called out to me were:

Which development platforms are you using?

Java and PHP took the server side piece home (many said they were HTML/CSS front end folks). If you aggregate the Java technology (Java, JSP, Servlets, JSF) you get 394 versus PHPs 296, although it is hard to compare since you could choose “all that apply”. I am willing to bet that if you are doing JSF now, you may well have done Servlets, JSP, and other!

Which development tools do you use?

Eclipse and Dreamweaver had the most votes here, with a large number of Notepad people (teasing?). Textmate was that low?

What causes you the most pain in designing and development websites?

  • Browser compatibility: 303
  • Testing: 114
  • Javascript: 65
  • CSS: 36
  • Deployment: 34

Why do you choose to use Ajax?

  • Improve user’s experience: 276
  • I want to build slicker applications: 38
  • Easy to use: 29
  • My boss wants it: 25
  • Saves time: 13
  • Saves money: 2

What toolkits or frameworks are you using in your projects?

This was quite a different result than from our last survey.

  • jQuery: 144
  • Prototype: 143
  • Scriptaculous: 127
  • YUI: 99
  • Ajax for ASP.Net (Atlas): 91
  • Mootools: 65
  • Dojo: 63
  • ExtJs: 61
  • Nitobi: 61
  • Spry: 29
  • GWT: 19
  • JMaki: 6
  • Mochikit: 2

Here is the spreadsheet of the full results

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:06 am

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Shame !!

The Excel file contain all the email addresses of the people that have answer the survey ! You should remove those asap.

Comment by renam00 — March 24, 2008

I use notepad a surprising amount in my day to day work. While its rarely used for ‘heavy’ development, if I just need a spot to dump copy/pasted text for a moment, or don’t need a full-fledged word processor I find myself loading up notepad rather frequently.

Comment by shypht — March 24, 2008

cool survey, good to know. …wonder how many Emacs or VI/VIM users were in the “other” category

Comment by Mark Holton — March 24, 2008

renam00: Thanks for pointing that out. That was an oversight on our part, and we removed the spreadsheet as soon as we noticed it. We’re going to excise the email addresses and put it back up.

Comment by dbarefoot — March 24, 2008

Thanks for these results, good to know, i´m only wondering about the number in the field “My boss wants it”.

Comment by MarcoRo — March 24, 2008

Wow, there are so many people developing in just HTML.

Comment by ladder — March 25, 2008


the calculations on the “which tools?” question data are incorrect from a % point of view.

Since users could select more than one tool, the total should be more than 100%, yet the %’s total out to 100%. There were 570 survey takers, but 1174 responses to this question…

Here’s the recalc using the 570 divisor, not 1174.

Tool Response Count %

Eclipse 289 51
Dreamweaver 241 42
NotePad 156 27
Visual Studio 154 27
Aptana 105 18
Textmate 42 7
Flex Builder 39 7
BBEdit 36 6
NotePad++ 33 6
Other 80 14

Total Tools 1174 206
Total Surveyed 570

Comment by khakman2 — April 4, 2008

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